Question about cards: yes/no questions not matching spellwork outcomes

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I’ve thought about your question for a bit, and I just want to clarify- the cards you mention are Tarot cards (and not Oracle cards), yes? If so, you’re not alone- I personally have had a very hard time getting my tarot decks to commit to yes/no questions. They guide me well and tell me what I need to hear (not always what I want to hear haha), but they really struggle with yes/no questions.

As I’ve learned more about the tarot, I’ve found that actually many (but not all) Tarot guides suggest that Tarot may not be the best tool for getting a yes/no response. This is because tarot is strong when it comes to symbolism (lots and lots and lots of symbolism!). From what I’ve found in my own studies, the symbols in tarot are best suited for giving advice- they offer suggestions, insights, and ways around problems. Working with tarot is like handling stories- it is extremely hard to squeeze a story into a one-word response.

Perhaps your cards were trying to tell you something more complex and just couldn’t communicate through a yes/no reading? You could try rewording the question to be more digestible by tarot.

Instead of yes/no questions that tarot may struggle to answer, you could ask:

  • What will be the outcome of my spell?
  • How will this spell affect the one whom it was cast for?
  • What could I have done better with my casting?
  • What can I expect will happen as a result of this spell?

Otherwise, you could try another form of divination. Tarot likes to give long, detailed answers, but other forms (such as Pendulums or Ouija Boards) are totally fine with yes/no questions!

If, however, your Tarot gave a correct no response meaning that your spell did, in fact, not work- then I would suggest looking back over what you did to see if there was anything that went wrong. There is a really helpful guide here called Recasting Spells- Should you do it? That talks about what may have happened.

I hope that was helpful for you, SingingWitch, and I’m sure others will have some great advice for you to consider as well!

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Not sure but I too have had spells go full done and others nothing I am still exploring how far magic can go or even where my limits lie so when it doesn’t work I have to ask should I try again is it just my limits or something that can’t be done.


@BryWisteria Thank you! THANK YOU! :heart_eyes: Definitely, I am blessed to be part of such community.

I am using the regular playing cards with cartomancy. Using the dark symbols for a no and red symbols for a Yes. Tarot interpretation has helped me especially the lessons provided on Spells8. I used the association for minor Arcana and the regular French version. Like that. I have the image in my head so I don’t need to learn by heart. As the spades are associated with swords. Cups with hearts, Wands with clubs and diamonds with pentacles.

Today I have tried to use the Sun energy to reactivate my Jar sweetening spell. I will read the article you have shared and get an idea of what could possibly go wrong.

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@Jim Merry Meet! It’s true. I sometimes practice couple of spells at the same time and they have gone Well. Maybe it is that the Person has blocked outer energies through meditation. As his sign is Capricorn with Aquarius in the moon. And he is a well grounded person. His chakras can be working at his best and provide some sort of protection from magic spells.

@BryWisteria It might also be a fact.

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Agree I have a personal protection charm that I have even removed from myself when I felt like there was risk associated with a spell as I didn’t want the safe path to cause failure so you could be on to something


My two cents.
I’ve never tried yes/no answers with my Tarot decks and I’m still trying to master my oracle decks before they master me.
I actually had a dragon tarot deck that didn’t like me, gave answers that were screwy. I blessed and prayed and everything I could think of and was going to do a Jumanji, and bury it. My niece asked if she could have the deck, but I warned her, the deck is nuts.
now, A tarot deck is not sentient, BUT…that ungracious, ungrateful deck worked beautifully for her. I got even, when ever I saw her reading the deck, I would silently send thoughts of "I could have buried you.’
Long story short, I find that some decks can be temperamental. Just keep trying. OR you can threaten to bury it.(LOL)


@SingingWitch You’re very welcome- I’m so happy if I could help! :blush: And I see about your deck- it looks like with the setup you have using cartomancy and the black/red for readings, that is a viable way to seek more straightforward answers :+1: Using the sun energy to reactivate the jar is a very clever idea- good for you! I pray that your spellwork is successful and I am wishing you all the best- blessed casting! :sparkles:

@Garnet You made me smile with that reply- hahaha I absolutely agree that decks can be temperamental! :joy: I have a new deck that I thought was really soft and gentle, but then I realized that that may be because I’ve been working with the Anima Mundi deck for so long- that deck does not hold back! I can see that Megan started a whole new discussion about Magickal Tools, so I’ll jump over there to continue this fun train of thought :grin:

To everyone using Tarot (be it for the solstice this week or otherwise), wishing you all the best with your work- blessed readings! :flower_playing_cards: :two_hearts:


@Garnet Jaja this is so cool! Thank you!


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