Ouija Boards-The good, the bad, and in between

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I have always wanted to ask this question, but was met with either major hostility or prejudices I did not understand. No lie, ouija boards would scare the living daylights out of me due to the horror stories from friends and everyone else, and I do not think I would ever own one.

However, has anyone had good experiences with it? Did you protect your space first? Were you successful in contacting your loved ones on the other side, or rather have a spirit answer your questions? Any feedback is appreciated, whether good or bad.

Thanks, witch fam <3


I don’t have any direct experience of using them, but do you know they were originally sold as a party game and became owned by Parkers Brothers (who made Monopoly) subsequently taken over by Hasbro in 1991.


Oh for sure haha. I remember kids buying them and trying them, but I’ve seen other boards that weren’t commercialized.


There’s a couple of topics on ouija boards in the forum, here’s one of them:


Hi @pedros10 ,
When I was a child, my elderly relatives would come over to play cards. While the adults socialized, my siblings and I were left to entertain ourselves. I don’t know how I knew about seances, but I came up with the brilliant idea of having a seance.
Somehow, I knew that an old man had passed on in our home before my parents purchased it. I was about 10 years old at the time.
I lit a candle, and my brothers and sister joined hands. I called on the spirit of the man who had died in the home. As we sat there with joined hands, the flame of our plain white candle changed from yellow to orange, and then from blue to green and it shot up so high that there was a smoke stain on the ceiling. The circle was broken as my 2 brothers ran to turn on the light switch screaming and crying, just like that the candle went out. From that day forward, I ve never tried to have another seance. It is still something we talk about to this day.
Decades later, I had been working at a restaurant when a woman approached me. She asked me if I knew that I had the spirit of an old man following me. I had no clue. As we discussed my history with spirits, she told me that the old man was summoned by me in my youth and because I did not close the circle, he followed me from Philadelphia to Florida and he was a constant in my life. She helped me to close the circle and release him. I have never used a Ouija board. I am scared of what could come through if I did something wrong. Please keep us updated should you decide to try it. Blessings to you


I haven’t had any bad experiences with Ouija boards. The first time I tried one with my mom, I could tell that she was moving the planchette. Whenever I’ve tried it by myself, nothing ever happened.
My mom hates Ouija boards because she thinks you’ll unintentionally invite evil spirits into your house. However, I believe @Francisco said on a Ouija topic that as long as you ward your house off properly, nothing bad will come in.


Ouija boards are safe if used correctly and for the purpose that’s going to be used. To contact passed life and make questions, like @darlene13 said is correct, people once started a section, it has to be closed at the end. Just saying goodbye and thanking the Spirits and letting to them to know that the section is over.
The problem with this type of device is when people use it without the respect and also asking to other entities instead of dead relatives and other passed away person.
Like I stated on another post, a ouija board ain’t the device to invoke Deities, Archangels and Daemons.


I talk to my grandpa very frequent on my oujia board. He passed the day before I conceived my daughter. So he comes all the time and she talks to him, I always know it’s him because he’s the only one who ever says “hi chey” and I know his energy. Even though when he walked this plane we were as close as I would have liked, our energies were bonded.
It’s always such a great experience having a loved one come through and you know it’s them :heart:


Greetings @xphoenixsxreasonx :blush:

Ouija Boards are a common consideration for those looking to contact spirits. While I do not use them myself (perhaps it’s just a mental block based on superstitions or pop culture, but they creep me out :sweat_smile: ), others have kindly shared their own personal thoughts about Ouija Boards, and it looks like it is possible to have a good experience with them!

The link Pedro shared is a great discussion with more opinions about Ouija Boards, and there’s another good chat about them here too:

Wishing you all the best in your research of Ouija Boards! Blessed be :sparkles:


This is going to be kinda short bc I’m awaiting my cab. But yes I’ve had good experiences with the ouija boars. I use them for divination. And I do cleanse everything beforehand. Later, when I have more time I can tell you a great story.


Thanks everyone for your responses. I appreciate them as I grow on this journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: