You and Your Pendulum

How to establish communication with your pendulum

Did you know that not all pendulums swing the same way?
Well, they don’t. Mine swings forward and back for no and side to side for yes…


  1. Hold the chain of your pendulum palm up with the chain loose and dropping off the side of the index finger.
  2. Over a piece of paper with a plain circle give the command to:
    Show me ‘Yes’
    Show me ‘No’
    Show me ‘Maybe’
    Show me ‘Cannot Answer’
  3. Note the direction of the swing after each question.
  4. If the response is weak ask:
    Show me strong ‘_____’
  5. Test the response with a question that should have a strong positive response.
    ‘I am _____ years old.’ confirmation should be ‘yes’
  6. Repeat the same test question but lie.
    ‘I am only two years old’ confirmation should be ‘no’
    Two schools of thought about the starting position:
    Some suggest that the pendulum should be in motion when questions are asked. Others ‘still’ the pendulum before asking questions. My personal opinion is that there is less doubt about the answer when the pendulum is ‘stilled’ before asking.

I keep my pendulum in a geode half. Mine happens to be quartz so I don’t feel the need to cleanse it often but I did when I first brought it home.
Like any stone it should be cleansed before use:

Run under a tap while reciting:
“I cleanse you of all negativity and open you to love and light”
I usually repeat this at least 3 times - or until I feel comfortable.

Hold your pendulum in the sunlight and repeat three times:
“May you serve to your highest purpose and potential - May you serve in love and light”

I talk to my pendulum before and after use. I tell it ‘thank you’ for answering my questions. I don’t over ask a question. If I am not getting a strong response I let it go. I used to use it with my medicine wheel to check for areas of strength and areas that needed my attention or what I should be focusing on.

I feel it has its own spirit and personality and I treat it that way.


I feel mine has its own spirit too. I have an amethyst pendulum. It swings side to side for no and up/down for yes.
Thank you for this post, you reminded me to cleanse mine. :grin:
Blessed Be


Thank you, Berta! I’m glad you shared these tips!

I don’t work with my pendulum nearly as much as I should so I’ll definitely give this a try. I’m glad you included cleansing and charging the pendulum, that’s very useful :+1:


These are lovely tips and some great info, @Berta! I know there are many pendulum users in the forums- this is a wonderful guide :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for sharing your pendulum wisdom! :pray:


I have a formal pendulum and a fancy mat but more often than not I use my Tiger’s Eye Agate protection charm as a pendulum. Works pretty good.


Perfect @john4 … go with what speaks to you! Unfortunately my pendulum isn’t attached to a loop or I might wear it around my neck. I do enjoy its company. I know that sounds odd…but it has a feel about it that is very comforting. I saw it in a shop and wasn’t even interested in buying one… I went back 3 times before I brought it home. My own little ‘pet rock’. I have since acquired others but that first one is special. So I think you have found your connection with the Tiger’s Eye. You might want to keep it with a piece of selenite to help keep it charged.


Besides other methods of; "communications ", pendulums is a most used. Always carry one with me; others as a necklace, but have to have one for those special moments, in which I need to assure something.


Pendulums are definitely the most common tool used by all practitioners. But there’s more to add to the fun, thanks to other believe systems according to the place or country.
Like using coins, or pennies; four of them for your yes & no questions. Face for yes, and… I believe that you can figure it out. Also a leaf with your favorite cup of tea.
Which is better? Is up to you to decide, but like a old witch friend says, there’s always a way.


I use it to communicate with spirits of the dead. My Company assigned me to a Hospice and I could chat with lots of dead people. They all say … the ones in Hospice, say they are fine, with family and aren’t seeing any Angels. Those that are young say the same thing but express being bored and not happy with being dead. One had a family and his family needed to know where the important documents are located. With the pendulum, we figured out where he hid them. He died in a motorcycle accident.
At the Hospice I saw such sad people and wanted to comfort them but knew it wouldn’t be well received. A nurse saw me doing it, I told her, the spirit answered her questions accurately and it creeped her out. She complained and my Company reassigned me.
Everyone is capable of doing this.


I have a quartz pendulum and a brass one. I charge the quartz one under the moon with my other crystals. I cleansed the quartz one when I got it and then calibrated it. I have the brass one calibrated too. I feel a stronger connection to the quartz one over the brass, but I have used the quartz one more often.

Thank you, very interesting read!