New Crystal Suggestions for Spells8

I saw the shadow work and thank you for the reminder lol. I’ll have to think about which crystals would be nice to see on here. I will get back to you on that one. Thank you :relaxed:


Of course! You’re welcome - Spells8 is for our coven and the wider witchy community. I can’t speak for Francisco, but I’m sure he would agree that it’s important to take into consideration what others want to learn about :blush:


Maybe you guys could start with the crystals listed under each day? Not all have information on them. It would be nice to have all the info in one place. :slightly_smiling_face:
Should this topic be moved to a different part of the forum? So I don’t bombard the new member with my requests lol. Sorry about that.


Done! That was my next step :blush: I think this is a great idea!


Thank you. :blush::heart:


Maybe we could… for now at least make a main topic under witchy wisdom for the crystals that we do have topics on, kind of like a main post.

We have done similar things for the runes & chakras… doing one for crystals may not be a bad idea. There are a lot of members that are using crystals within their practice.

Just a thought for the forum while we see about getting the information for the daily devotional crystals on the main site?