New deck feels wrong

Merry Thursday everyone!
Last weekend, I printed and plastified the tarot deck available on Spells8. I cleansed and blessed it, asked the elements for positive energies and guidances when using it for the good of everyone. Later this day, I wanted to use it for a reading and when I took the deck, I felt something’s wrong, I was very uncomfortable and anxious. I relax myself and tried again. Same feelings… What happened and what should I do? Be blessed


Hmmm… :thinking:

Now this is just something that I do when I feel the energy of a deck is off or different than it should be.

  • cleanse your space
  • cleanse the deck with a cleansing smoke, while asking for the unwanted to leave/be removed from the deck & to invite healing, loving energy to assist with the highest good of yourself & others that the deck will be used for in readings. Ask to infuse your positive energy throughout the deck now & throughout each use.
  • place the deck in a pouch, it’s box, however you store them with (well in this case) a small piece of Selenite & a piece of clear quartz.
  • place the newly cleansed & prepared deck under your pillow, in your pillowcase for a couple of nights.
  • the next time you go to use it, cleanse your space & take 3 deep cleansing breaths inviting in positive energy & energy for answers relevant to your hoghest good.
  • as you are shuffling the cards, use slow controlled breaths while focusing on the question you’re asking of the deck. For this one, make it kind of an easy question.
  • when you are ready as you are shuffling & concentrating on the question, draw your card & interpret it.

See if that helps, another thing you can add after you cleanse your space & before cleasing the deck itself… put the cards back in order. By Major Arcana starting with the Fool, each suit from Ace to King, & then put them in a pile still in their correct order. Then proceed to cleanse the deck & the rest.

That’s what has worked for me in the past with my decks that I have eother first gotten or had used for a while & they needed a cleansing or recharge.


Thank you for your help! :grinning: :heart:
I have to say that I’m afraid of this deck now! I will cleanse it very well before using it again!


I don’t think you necessarily have to be afraid of it, but just make sure it’s well cleansed & you store it, reset it, & let it kind of absorb :thinking: that might not be the right word… infuse :thinking: with your energies before using it & see how it goes. :hugs:


Rather than something being wrong with the deck, this could also be your intuition telling you that now is not the time for a reading. I’m inclined to think this is the more likely culprit given that the deck you printed is the standard Rider Waite-Smith deck on your own paper.

Maybe give it a few days and approach the deck with an open mind and open heart. See if you get a different feeling. If you go into the reading afraid of the cards, chances are you are just going to feel anxious when you pick the deck up to use it again, regardless of the right time or not.


As usual Lady Megan and Siofra are spot on with kind and thorough answers.
I will say that I did have a dragon Tarot deck that wouldn’t give me straight answers. They were just…off, nonsensical.

I did all the rituals and ceremonies and it remained inert. I threatened to bury it but my adult niece asked for the deck. I gave it to her with a warning. :poop: It worked just fine for her.

I decided that the deck chooses its master and in the case of these cards, I wasn’t, but my niece was.
If your deck still defies you, maybe it isn’t the deck you need. I have dozens of tarot decks and about 6 of them are in their own section in tarot prison. HaHa.
Blessed be.
PS, they got a life sentence.


@Garnet i was literally going to say the same thing. Lol


I was going to say the same thing about the deck may not be for you. They do choose the master.


That’s exactly how I feel about my deck! I usually use an oracle. Maybe should I stay this way!
The tarot deck gave me strange answers and it doesn’t feel right in my hands. I felt something weird in my hands - I’m very sensitive to energies from people and objects.
It will probably has a life sentence too!:upside_down_face:
Blessed be!:heart:


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