New Feature: Write Your Custom Status and Choose a Personal Emoji!

Good morning and Blessed Equinox!

The Sabbat sun is rising and to celebrate, the forum has a brand new shiny little gift for you- it is now possible to write a custom status message and set a custom status emoji :partying_face:

Here is what it looks like:

The emoji you choose to represent yourself will be located next to your profile picture, username and chosen title. It will appear anywhere these things appear- such as your posts, private messages, and on your forum profile.

If you move your cursor onto the emoji, the custom message you choose will appear.

Custom emojis and messages can be changed at any time. It is also possible to leave them indefinitely, or to set them to disappear automatically after a certain period (1 hour, 1 day, etc).

Are you ready to set your custom emoji and status?

Here’s how!

How to Set Your Custom Emoji and Status

  1. On any page here in the Spells8 Forum, click on your profile picture located in the top right-hand corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will appear.

  2. On the top bar of this drop-down menu, there are several icons. Click on the person (:pouting_woman:) symbol. It should look like this:

  1. Click on the very first option: “Set custom status”. A box will pop up on your screen- but no fear! From here it is very easy to set your status and emoji.

Custom Status 2

  1. Set your custom emoji by clicking on the little grey emoji square next to the text box. The forum has a huge amount of fun emojis- feel free to browse or search for one that suits your current mood! :blush: When you find an emoji you like, all you have to do is click on it and it will be selected for you.

Custom Status 3

  1. Next, we will set a custom status message. To do so, click on the text box where it says “What are you doing?”. Type your current mood, a fun message, a favorite quote, etc.

:exclamation: A note that custom statuses, like everything shared in the forum, are subject to the Forum Rules and Guidelines. If you aren’t sure if what you are sharing is okay, please review the Guidelines or contact a Moderator- thank you!

  1. [Optional] From here, it is possible to set a timer for your custom emoji and status. If you choose to set the timer, your emoji and message will automatically disappear at whatever time you choose. There are some options that are preset- such as one hour, two hours, or tomorrow. You can also set a custom date and time of your choosing.

Custom Status 4

  1. Click on the time you would like your custom status and emoji to disappear (or choose never- it will then stay until you change it!).

  2. Click “Save”. You are all set! :blush:

Please note that this feature is currently in an experimental phase- it may adapt to become more user-friendly over the coming weeks! Thank you for your understanding if it changes in the future.

If you have any trouble setting your custom status, please comment below and a Moderator will try to assist you :+1:

Blessed be! :star2:


Woww I am gonna try this out!! :innocent: :heart_eyes:


@Solasta_Amore Awesome! :blush:

Please let me know if you have any trouble with it- it is a new feature in an experimental phase, so there might be a learning curve (although I’m sure we’ll be able to figure out any issues if they come!) :grinning:


I got the emoji on, not sure about the message. But that’s cute! What fun!


Cute little feature! :blush:


Hooray! I’m so happy that it’s working! :grinning: :heart:

If anyone is having trouble, please just comment here (or send a private message to Moderators) and we’ll be happy to help!

@Amethyst Success!!! I can see your message of “Blessed Be!” too- you’ve got it! :blush::two_hearts:

@CelestiaMoon Hahaha very nice- both your emoji and message fit you purrrfectly, Celestia! :smiley_cat: :two_hearts:


Awww, nice! :smile_cat: :two_hearts:


Yay! I did it! LOL!


I did it and I looove it Bry! Thank youu! :smiling_face: :face_holding_back_tears:


Cool new feature!


Awesome update!

Changed mine for the next few days until perhaps I can think of a good tribute for Donut.


@Artemisia It’s okay, dear heart! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


@Solasta_Amore Hooray! And such a beautiful message you chose- very inspirational! :cupid: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Kasandra Yay! I’m glad you like it, Kasandra! :rabbit: :two_hearts:

@Artemisia My heart goes out to you, Artemisia :people_hugging: :heart: I’m sure you will find the perfect words as tribute for your sweet Donut. Sending lots of love your way as you honor his memory :candle::pray:


It has been a week since the new feature launched, so just bumping it up for the new folks in the forum and anyone who missed the first announcement!

As always, if you anyone has any issues or comments about setting their custom status and emoji- please know that you are welcome to reach out and we will try our best to help :handshake: :heart:

Blessed be!


I try to remember to do this & change my emoji every once in a while. I like this feature.


I always forget about it, too :laughing: but I’ve got mine set for right now!


Ah I LOVE this new feature! :two_hearts:


@Susurrus and @MeganB - I do the same thing! I’ll set one until “tomorrow” and then forget to pick out a new one the next day… at least until other people’s messages and then remember to reset it! :laughing:

@Missa Yay! Yours looks very good on you, Missa :crystal_ball: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I figured to bump it because I had just remembered yesterday :laughing:

@Missa thats perfect :star_struck:


I like how the new icon shows up with my pic to look like the pic is coming from a unicorn’s horn! Perfect for me!:sparkling_heart:

Edit: Oh, that’s only on my window. Cool.