New Moon Ritual Bath

:new_moon: New Moon Ritual Bath :new_moon:

New moons generally can’t be seen. They cross the sky with the sun during the day. This month’s new moon happens on September 17, 2020, at 11:00 UTC.

Every month the Universe gifts us a new moon, marking the beginning of a new lunar cycle. New moons happen to be a quiet time to reflect and set our intentions for the upcoming month - the ideal opportunity to relax and take care of ourselves.

Bath :bathtub: rituals are the perfect way to unwind and stay grounded, especially during uncertain times. Follow this three-step ritual to slow down and prepare for any actions you are about to take soon after.

  1. Cleanse yourself :herb:
    About an hour before the ritual, it is a good idea to cleanse your body and mind. Prepare your bath by dropping a handful of Epsom salt :salt:or your favorite bath bomb :bomb: into your tub and fill it up with warm water :sweat_drops:. Add some lavender :oil_drum:oil essence, as it is known to help you reach a restful state :yawning_face:. Light up some candles​:candle:and incense. While taking your bath, try to stay silent, and focus on what you want to call :telephone_receiver: into your life. Now that your mind is clear and your body cleansed, you are ready for the ritual

  2. Make your intentions clear :gem:
    Many people benefit from having a journal dedicated to the New Moon rituals. Having your intentions written down :scroll: in once place allows you to return to your previous New Moon intents to see how they have manifested and yet to come to fruition :banana::grapes::watermelon::strawberry: (fruit lol). When writing down your objectives, you can focus on one thing or a specific area. For example, if you want to work on your happiness and self-love, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: your New Moon Intentions might look like this:

*I matter
*I am ready to learn and grow
*I am willing to find happiness within
*I will choose myself

  1. Start your ritual :candle:
    Sage your ritual space, light up a candle, and throw on a moon charging crystal :gem: to supercharge your intentions. Remember that this is a personal act; therefore, you are more than welcome to create your ritual type.

The main thing is for you to have a tradition to commit to every New Moon :new_moon: , taking a moment to reflect and energize new intents :scroll: . As an example, you can start by reciting your affirmations. Of course, thank and offer gratitude
:pray: to the Universe :milky_way: and take some time to visualize :man_detective: the New Moon’s energy, enlightening your intentions. Once you have finished, you may blow :wind_face: out the candle :candle: to complete your ritual bath :bathtub: to relax.
I hope that you feel inspired and recharged to take action for the New Moon after your ritual.

:pray:Love and light​:pray:

P.S. I hope you liked my emojis! :pray::relaxed:


Love it! So much info here, and your emojis made me giggle as I read, especially the fruit! :joy: I’m partial to my New Moon ritual, because that was my very first step into this journey! I have a little treasure chest with each Moons list inside. It’s funny to look back and see all that I’ve manifested and accomplished since my first time!


I love this, great ritual, and idea. I think I know what my new ritual will be, a new moon ritual bath, and some journaling of my intent. I’m excited for this to happen.


Hooray!!! :raised_hands: This is very helpful, @christina4- there are usually many questions about what to do around the time of the new moon and this is a great guide with lots of lovely ideas (and step-by-step instructions with fun emojis- you know I love it! :laughing:)

Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:


I have a moon box too. I want a new one that actually has moon phases on it. Mine says South Carolina treasure chest and it has a lock on it. I believe that was my first ritual I can’t remember.


I’m glad you loved the emojis :sweat_smile: I was confused in the beginning with how to do a ritual bath and what to do for a new moon. So that’s why I made the post. @Susurrus I hope you have a very relaxing ritual bath!

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@christina4 thank you! I love my ritual baths. My favoritie to listen to right now is Woke Nation Cleansing track. But I found some meditaiton music with timers in an app and I think I will pick something from there.


Absolutely divine ritual @christina4!!

It looks very relaxing too! I definitely need a break and hope I’ll have it this New Moon. I’ll be camping on that night (the 17th)! :camping:

I’ll make sure to follow your ritual!! :pray: :new_moon:


Thank you it’s a full moon tonight so I used this as a reference thank you so much! Love and light! Thank you for helping me on my journey in regards to my self-care. It’s been a long journey so far and I still am learning how to do that for myself. If it wasn’t for people like you caring well let’s just say things like this wouldn’t get done in a sufficient way. You are vary helpful in various ways to my craft!
Blessed be

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Here is a BoS page for the coven. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

New Moon Ritual Bath.pdf (300.6 KB)

Blessed be!!!


This is lovely, too! ,:blush:

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That is a gorgeous sheet, @Magdelina! A wonderful printable page to add to a BOS/Grimoire :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so much for taking the time to put it together and for sharing it with the coven- your talents are appreciated! :two_hearts: