New Moon Ritual 🌚


For so many of us, as we age we forget how to play. We become busier and busier with life’s many demands and take on more responsibilities that are prioritized. This isn’t wrong, but we cannot forget the power of play.

Play is often placed on the adult’s shelf of childish things next to imagination and nostalgia. Yet, play is one of the most important spaces a modern human can enter into in order to grow and expand in unprecedented ways. Play is a way we process our lived experience, access other wisdom centers, tap into our creative genius, and glean insight much more efficiently than trying to force it through mental obsession.

Since play is such a foreign thing for so many adults, it is important to set aside personal play time. This can happen by yourself or in a group of people you love. Use this ritual, during the next two weeks when the energy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon are strongest, as a way to amplify the power of your play and let your joy imbue every part of your life.

  1. The most important piece of this ritual is the commitment to it: Look at your calendar and decide on a day and time. Schedule it in, block it off, and commit to it (of course, if an emergency takes place then reschedule it). It is all too easy to say we will play and then fill the time with something that feels “more productive.” Know that playing is one of the most productive things you can do.

  2. Make a list of everything that brings you joy: For some us, this is difficult because we are so removed from our own joy, and so it can be helpful to remember what brought you joy as a child and let that inspire you.

  3. Once you make your list: Review and go back over it and circle what brings you the MOST joy. Choose one of these as your date with you.

  4. When the time arrives for your play, let go of technology as much as you can: Try not to hook into social media or performative play, instead, focus on you and who you are with if you are in group play. Allow yourself to get silly. Let go of any need to be “perfect at playing” as that does not exist. Release the need to document it. There is no pressure in play, and you can let it flow where it does.

  5. After your play time: Spend some time free-writing about what it was like. How did it feel? Did any insights come through? Did it lend to any inspiration or ideas of how you might like to play in the future. Let yourself free write until you feel complete.

  6. At the end of your play: Take a moment to acknowledge yourself for leaning (or jumping!) into your playtime. Offer gratitude to the wise you that knows that playtime is an important part of health. Celebrate yourself for gifting this precious time to support you in your highest vitality and vibration.

All taken from The Moon Deck


I love this so very much! Thank you for sharing @christina4


This sounds great! Its sad when we loose out connection to our inner child.


I love this ritual! I feel that it taps one of the key aspects of modern witchcraft, which is imaginative play without the constraints of the adult world.

Being creative for the sake of it, inventing languages, mixing ingredients and crafting potions, even dressing up. It’s channeling the infant mind in a spiritual way. :dizzy:

Thank you for sharing @christina4 !!


You’re absolutely welcome!!! Play is a key part, you’re right! We all could play a little more, a little bit!!! :relaxed:


I need to learn how to play some more. I will work on that this summer with the kids. I miss it. :heart: