New Moon Ritual

Hi all,

I thought I would share my New Moon Ritual with you and would love for you to share any rituals you do back! I am very sensitive to moon phases so my New Moon and Full Moon Rituals are really special to me. I’ll write up my Full Moon Ritual and share with you soon.

NB: only after writing did I realise its quite long so apologies in advance if you loose interest! I promise when you’re doing the Ritual in real life it’s not that time consuming :joy:


  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean sacred space
  • Rid the house of any dust and cobwebs!
  • Prepare clean white clothes
  • Write gratitude list (5 things thankful for)
  • Write manifestation list (5 wishes)

As the New Moon signifies new beginnings, a cosmic restart and rebirth I like to ensure the house is rid of any old dust or cobwebs lurking about in corners! :spider_web: I ensure my sacred space and my bathroom is freshly cleaned ahead of the Ritual and free of any lingering negative energies. I decorate my lists and make them as colourful, beautiful and as visually pleasing as I can. :sparkling_heart:

PART 1: Ritual Bath

  • Rose petals
  • Essential oils
  • 3 White tea lights
  • Clean white towel
  • Herbal tea
  • Music

The first part of my Ritual starts with a bath; I sprinkle in rose petals🌹- my personal preference for New Moon is fresh white petals as white signifies purity and the freshness just links into my perception of the new and fresh start this moon phase symbolises.

I add in an essential oil of my choice- during New Moon like to use lavender :purple_heart: Its a great oil for communication as it encourages emotional honesty and insists that we speak our innermost thoughts and desires.

I light 3 white tea lights- again, the colour white symbolising purity. I like using tea lights for New and Full Moon Rituals as they are circular and that is the shape I visually associate with these phases.:new_moon::full_moon:

I light 3 of them because 3 is such a powerful number. It represents communication, creativity, luck and abundance. It is linked to the planet Jupiter (knowledge, abundance, wisdom, ambition) and also represents the mind-body-soul triads, as well as the birth-life-death cycle.

The Ritual Bath for me is all about cleansing, pampering and relaxing :relieved: It’s all about self love and taking care of yourself. I cleanse, exfoliate and mask.

Whilst relaxing I drink a herbal tea and listen to uplifting music :notes: Personally, for New Moon I like to drink Motherwort tea. Aside from the name symbolising to me a connection to the Mother-Moon-Godess, its a lovely calming, caring tea, sometimes referred to as “Mothers hug in a bottle” :coffee:The Motherwort herb is especially aligned with the healing of women – hence the name! However, that’s not to say it cannot be an extremely beneficial herb for men too :herb::blush:

PART 2: Giving Thanks and Manifesting

After my Ritual Bath, feeling relaxed and content, I carry my candles over to my sacred space to begin the next step of my Ritual.

Sitting comfortably by my sacred space, I cup my crystals in my hands and take some deep cleansing breaths. Once ready, I say “I charge these crystals to hold my intention of healing under this New Moon” and repeat 3 times whilst visualising a pure bright protective light surrounding me.

The crystals I use for New Moon are: :rice_scene:
Hematite (drawing away negativity)
Obsidian (protection)
Clear Quartz (healing and energy)
Smokey Quartz (calm emotions)
Rose Quartz (harmony, love, trust)
Tigers Eye (taking action)
Selenite (spirituality, moon Goddess stone)
Opalite (transistions, new beginnings)
Moonstone (inner growth, strength, new beginnings)

Next, I open my gratitude list and read it out loud. I meditate on all the things I am thankful for quietly for 5 minutes, I then burn my list and say “Mother, I give thanks for all the good things in my life. I am blessed.”

Next, I open my manifestation list and read it out loud. I meditate on my wishes quietly for 5 minutes, burn my list and say “Mother, please help me create the life I am dreaming of and know I deserve.”

I draw the Ritual to a close by saying “I call on my courage and my strength, I call on my positivity and ambition. I ask that only energies of the highest good fill me and the ones I love and that all negativities leave us now and do not return, so it be and so it is.”

I blow out the candles to signify the end of the Ritual. I place my crystals by my window so they may bath under the New Moon overnight next to my bowl of moon water ready to charge.

I chuck away the spent candles and scatter the ashes of my lists out the window. And that is that!

Sending positive loving vibes to you all :blush:


That was really well thought-out. Inspiring! :clap: :clap:

Do you organize your crystals in a grid, by color, or any particular order?

Thanks for sharing, and I hope you receive lots of blessings under tonight’s New Moon!! :new_moon_with_face:


Thank you that was very nice, I do not call it long, I call it indepth-covering all aspects!

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Thank you :blush: I love Moon Rituals, I always get a really rewarding sleep afterwards and feel energised and positive for days!

For this Ritual I arrange them in a circle in colour order :blush: but I change up how I use my crystals often.

Day to day they’re on my nightstand in a large wooden bowl, so they’re always in reach. I usually pick one or two each night to put under my pillow and every morning I pick a couple to have on me during the day.

Selenite mostly just moves between under my pillow and sitting on my tarot deck :joy:

I use a simple grid for meditation and I place a big geode in the centre to pull in as much energy as possible, then I usually use negativity repelling stones and emotionally calming ones for the way stones and then the final layer my destination stones are usually ones that embody happiness, confidence, positivity etc.

How about you? Do you work with crystals often?

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Thanks roxanne, I do like to be thorough :joy:

Do you do any rituals?

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Yes I do. I do the esbats and sabbats, I do healing ones for friends and families, and money jar. I do the ones @silverbear has on here…she keeps me too busy!! lol I also follow along with the ones on here…yes all keeps me busy! Some are spells some are full blown ritual.

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Yes! I meditate regularly while holding crystals. I always have a clear quartz next to me while I’m working too.

But I think my favorite is gifting them for birthdays. I use this birthstone chart and it never fails as a great, unique present! :gift:


That’s a great idea! :grin: I may start doing that myself!

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