New oracle cards I got

Botanical Oracle Cards PDF
I really liked the looks of these.

These next two I was searching because we are having a Halloween party and I am going to have a table and be the fortune teller.
Samhain Tarot Cards
Halloween Oracle cards

These are PDF. I plan and hopefully it will work to print them on card stock. Is there a recommendation for a certain type of paper?


The PDF cards are really pretty!

As far as which paper to use… they have printable cardstock. I believe you can get it at Walmart or a Staples type of store. If not, you can try Amazon, I get my sticker paper & vinyl & parchment paper from Amazon.

I like the idea you have for your Halloween party! Those are great cards for that purpose too! :jack_o_lantern:


I have mixed media paper and drawing paper, I just didn’t know the weight needed. I will look up card stock. I also have a ton of scrapbook paper.


Scrapbook paper would work too! Depending on the type it can be a bit more flimsy or sturdier than regular cardstock. So find some that feel good for you & the way that you handle the cards. :two_hearts:


They’re great cards by the look! I love the Samhain deck!!!


What a great idea that you can purchase the PDF and then print out the cards- no more waiting for months for things to arrive in the mail! And that way anyone who wants to can choose their own card back design too :sparkles:

As for the paper, any thick paper should work fine. I imagine that card stock would be ideal for printing tarot cards! If you print them and they still aren’t as thick as you’d like them to be, you can add a second piece of paper/card stock with glue or lamination :+1:

These look like gorgeous decks, @NoName, and the Samahin and Halloween ones would be perfect for the Halloween party :bat::tada: Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely! There were tons of them. They aren’t as nice as the ones manufactured for sure but the Halloween sets came out decent.


I like the idea for 2 pieces of cardstock & then laminating them together! Perfect! :star2:


Glad you liked the idea, @Siofra! Happy to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: