New oracle deck bag

I was still feeling crafty and taking advantage of it! I have an embarrassing amount of fabric sitting around from when I was handmaking masks so I dug through it to see if I could find fabric to match my oracle deck and there it was! The perfect floral pattern and the exact pink shade for the lining match the deck.

I still plan on making my deck bag for my shadow oracle with my sparkly stars and moons fabric. So much fun making these and they are so rewarding!


Another great one! These colors are soo pretty :heart_eyes:


That one is gorgeous too! I wish I had bags for my decks. I have the mesh bag my Brigid Oracle cards came in, the rest are in their boxes. I did get a wrap cloth for one of my decks that I am going to see how to use it… it’s new to me & I’m intrigued.


Beautiful, @Artemisia! :heart_eyes:

I can see you’re having a blast with the deck bags- what a fun craft, and you’re clearly very good at making them! :blush:

You’re absolutely right that the pink shade on the fabric goes perfectly with your deck- that is a home that was meant to be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May all your new bags serve you (and your cards) well! :heart:

Blessed be!


Absolutely gorgeous! Im not great at sewing but this gives me crafty ideas!!! :laughing: