New Oracle Deck

I picked up a new oracle deck because sadly, my Greek mythical one is just not for me. I mean, I love it and I love the meanings but it doesn’t want to shuffle for me and I’m just not feeling it.

So I got myself the Witches Wisdom Oracle Cards. Let me tell you they are pretty as all get out and very Wiccan. Maybe this will fit me more.

My question is, do the spreads that interview the tarot decks work just as well for the Oracle decks? Or should I look for a new spread? I’m already planning on writing a new blessing for it. I’ve named my deck Wendy, because why not? LOL!


Beautiful deck! Great idea to interview the deck. I haven’t done that with my oracle decks. I think I will now.

I would use the same spread to start with and follow my instincts if something else came to me.


Yes they do. I use the same interview your deck spread on every set of cards, tarot or oracle. Gorgeous deck. :sparkling_heart:


Sorry the Greek mythical deck didn’t work out (it’s the deck’s loss! :laughing:)- it sounds like you’ve found something even better! :heart:

From the Earth card you shared in the tea ritual to these two cards, it really looks like a masterpiece when it comes to the art- someone put a lot of love into designing these images! (And I love all the sparkles! So shiny! :sparkles: :star_struck: )

Welcome, Wendy! :wave: :blush: I hope the beautiful new deck serves you well, @Amethyst! :heart:

I agree with Pheonix Rose and Tracy- you should be able to use the same interview spread with an oracle deck. The only spreads or practices that might be tricky to swap tarot for oracle are those that deal with certain aspects of tarot (like Major/Minor Arcana) or have you searching for certain cards (like “find Strength and look at the cards around it”). But even in those cases, I imagine you could find substitutes in the oracle deck- a little creativity can help you adapt just about anything! :grinning:

Good luck and blessed readings, Amethyst- enjoy! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:


Beautiful deck Amethyst! My mouth dropped open. Lol!


Thank you! Yeah, this deck even shuffles better for me, so I’m really pleased with it but I wanted to get myself off on the right foot with it.

Thanks so much! I’m really pleased!

I’m still pouting that my Mythic Oracle deck didn’t fit me. But I really like this one! It’s got a good feel to it and it shuffles so much easier.

Thank you, love!

It had cards for the Sabbats too, so pretty and seasonal. I thought of you when I saw the Ostara card!


This deck is gorgeous!


Gorgeous deck for sure :heart_eyes:


Those cards are beautiful, @Amethyst :heart_eyes:

I love them so, so much! I just might have to add this deck to my wishlist lol it’s pretty! And I love that you named her Wendy - I think it fits perfectly!

You’ve already got plenty of answers to your question, so I’m just here to add in my agreement with everyone!


I was looking at this deck myself, I hope Wendy works well with you.


Thank you both! I’m really pleased with it!

It’s really gorgeous, and it shuffles nicely. It’s certainly one for the wish list! Thanks, love!

You should think about getting it, it’s really got nice meanings in it and everything!


That’s a beautiful deck @Amethyst :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Looking at the cards, the word “mystical” keeps coming to my mind :purple_heart: Very sparkly too, which is always nice! :blush: :sparkling_heart:


That’s perfect! :pinched_fingers: I’ve got a deck that I love but it’s hard to shuffle because the cards are so big lol definitely not one I find myself using often!


Thanks so much! It is very sparkly! It’s been edged in silver.

I loved that mythic oracle deck but it just fought me all the way on shuffling. And they weren’t too big for my hands, either. It was just odd. These almost shuffle themselves. Very nice. Thanks, love!


You’re welcome! :hugs: :revolving_hearts:


Ooo that is a lovely deck @Amethyst! Gorgeous :heart_eyes: I hope it serves you well & that the interview goes great too! :hugs:


Thank you! I interviewed my deck this morning, it’s going to help me grow. I’m looking forwards to working with it.


Oh that sounds exciting! So far my newest Oracle is very… Blunt & To the Point so… I’ve switched up the deck for a couple days after being called out multiple times by different decks in 1 day :rofl:

I hope it helps you grow & some beautiful ways :heart_eyes:


Thanks, love! I hope the deck you switched to is much kinder to you!


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