New oracle & tarot cards

I am so excited for my 2 new decks to get here. I love my deck that I use a lot however I have another deck that for some reason i have just haven’t connected with yet. Well! I got 2 that I’ve been wanting and they will be here today yayy. I am interested in how I could possibly create a connection with my other deck as well. Any suggestions?


I love these decks. Particularly the Viking oracle. Nice. You can try and interview your deck, there is an interview deck spread but I can’t find the official one, maybe @MeganB might know.
I tend to ask 3 questions.

  1. What energy is this deck going to have?
  2. How will I and this deck work together?
  3. How will I grow with this deck?

Also some decks (like my Odin deck), I don’t feel I need to interview. Instead I’ll dedicate the deck to my Deity as that will be the deck I use to communicate to my Deity with.

I always cleanse my decks with my favourite incense, and shuffle them regularly to get a feel. Sometimes try sleeping with the deck, either by your bed or under your pillow. And maybe carry it with you in your bag for a bit.

I’ve only ever connected with a few decks. My witch’s oracle, My modern tarot, Good karma tarot, and my Odin cards. I’ve got other decks but they’re put away, or given away.
Hope this helps. Happy readings. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Ooo… new decks are always great! I’m a deck-a-holic of sorts :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I actually just received a new tarot deck this past week a day earlier than I was supposed to! :partying_face:

As for creating a connection with the 1 that you have… as @tracyS said I cleanse my decks with smoke when I receive them. After that, I put the deck (s) under my pillow for a few days. (Yes I have had multiple decks in my pillow case or under my pillows at a time :laughing:) When I take them out, I sit with them & shuffle them for a little bit.

Another way to sort of reset them if they have been shuffled previously is to go through the deck & put the cards back in order by Major Arcana & then Ace through King of each Suit then cleanse them. Place them under your pillow or bed for a couple of days then start shuffling them a little bit.

I store mine in tarot bags or their original boxes but add a piece of clear quartz to the bag with the cards. It depends on the deck really. You can also put the cards out under the Full Moon :full_moon: to charge them after they have been cleansed.


New decks are always exciting! My two most recent ones are Mother Tarot and Dark Days Tarot, both by Wren Brignac.

I don’t have anything else to really add that others haven’t already said. I do recommend a deck interview spread if you aren’t going to dedicate the deck to a deity. The spread can help you see what that particular deck can help you with, where the strengths and weaknesses are, and things to watch out for. I don’t have a specific deck interview spread, though. I tend to just ask similar questions that @tracyS mentioned.

I don’t think we have a deck interview spread here on Spells8 either… :thinking: but I know there are tons on Pinterest and elsewhere on the internet!


@tracyS awesome idea. Ya the modern tarot got and I instantly felt connected. There is a delay with my Viking deck so it won’t be here until tomorrow. I’m gonna use your suggestion and get a feel for which deck I use for what reasons. Maybe some of these things will help me connect better with the deck I have on my shelf.


@Susurrus awesome sauce. I also keep a crystal in the box with each deck. :heart:


You’ve already got some great suggestions for making a connection- I really like the “sleep with it under/next to pillow” method myself :sleeping:

Both decks look really nice- I have the Modern Witch Tarot on my (ever-so-long) tarot wishlist, it looks like a really fun deck! :woman_mage: :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

I hope you’re able to connect with your new cards and that they serve you well- happy readings, @Jessica_Zee! :sparkles:


This is me stalking Amazon All day :door::eyes: :window: :eyes: here yet :door::eyes: :window: :eyes: here yet lol


@Susurrus SAME! I’m a deck-aholic of the highest level

@Jessica_Zee congrats on the new deck


There officially here !!! :sunglasses::sunglasses: i love them both already! Did my initial cleanse and deck interview. I think they both were made perfect :star_struck:


Nice cards :sparkling_heart:


Woohoo! Enjoy them, Zee! :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles::tada:


Beautiful new decks! :heart_eyes: It’s always an exciting day when they come in the mail.

Amazon Prime Day is today and tomorrow, so I bought myself a Unicorn Oracle deck by Paolo Barbieri. I’m not much of a unicorn fan, but Barbieri is an outstanding artist and I plan to collect all the oracle and tarot decks with his work.

Image from Amazon


Very nice :sparkling_heart:


The artwork really is amazing- what a deck! :unicorn: :sparkles:

Not to be an enabler or anything (I am :laughing:) but I hope you’re able to collect all of Barbieri’s decks! Happy collecting, Kasandra :flower_playing_cards: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh another beautiful deck @Kasandra! I feel an oracle deck coming in my near future :rofl:


@Jessica_Zee Hiya, I found the tarot interview, it’s from the Forest Witches Tarot Magic book.

She does great books, but I’m trying to reign in my buying :joy:


Love this. Ty


Thank you for this suggestion of questions. I have another spread but just did this on my 2 older decks. So straightforward! Love it and it’s going to be my go to now for all new decks I get.

For me when I get a new deck, take them out of the box and will use my white sage or frankenscense insence to clear them of any previous energies. Then I just simply go through each card (I like to look at the artwork, even if it is Rider Waite and simliar to another deck I have). I will shuffle as if I am doing a reading, maybe a bit more than normal. I use reversals, so I also make sure to flip card randomly as well. I will then put them on my altar which is next my desk (I have this thing where I like to have my altar near to where I work). I put a crystal on top, either my black obisdian, amethyst, or tiger’s eye crystal.

I do an interview reading on them, as I like to know what the strengths are and all that. The questions suggested above are PERFECT but go with whatever you decide, of course. I also like to find names for my decks. I guess they are like friends and I like to kinda give them their own space, give them some kind of…I am not sure, but I like it.

My black and gold deck = Elmira
My silver witchcraft Tarot = Moirin
my newest deck, Dark Forest Vintage Tarot = Halcyon
Moonoly oracle = Anastasia


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene These are gorgeous decks. :sparkling_heart: