New sacred space, hopefully new beginning ahead

Hi so if any of you have followed my recent post in sacred space: i have been having a tuff time, but i am looking ahead and hoping that my new sacred space will give me many witchy memories to look back upon.
I just have one issue, i do not know why i have found it so hard to be in here and cleanse my space. Perhaps i am mourning my old space, or my personal circumstances have left me drained but i can’t seem to being myself to ‘care’ for my spiritual side. I don’t know maybe i feel if i am not finding time to clean every inch of the house due to my developing depression, maybe i don’t deserve to be nurtured in a spiritual way, a way in which only supports my own needs and not the needs of others (guilt???)

Anyways, i will say i absolutely love my spiritual path, and that won’t change but perhaps a ritual or spell or any other suggestions are appreciated.
I will start by simply cleansing the space as to be honest with the tight space i managed to fit a whole room into a storage space, i am on fire with my puzzle skills lol :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:


I have a simple chaos spell here

I don’t know why I wrote it today, timing?
Maybe try it and aim for a simple energy transfer like from Guilt/Shame to I am Enough / I am Valued or
I am lovely this way you’re changing Guilt/Shame to something more true (you are not guilty of anything).

Love you. Here for you. :green_heart:


That is defiantly what it is! I did my first oracle card reading in what feels like forever after i did a cleansing of my new sacred space, and the results (past, present and future)? Well Past was saying there was a lack of self-care and things are out of proportion, the present said there is a situation where i feel completely stuck atm, and future is saying that i have a lot to be grateful for and to show appreciation. These are all true and relevant and even though i feel the universe is against me, i am so thankful for my wonderful children, i have a roof over my head, warm food on my plate, and clean water to bathe and drink, because honestly just a few weeks back, it got so tight here with money (because we came back from a trip for the kids overseas which used our life savings), i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to buy them even something to drink at one point.
So i guess i am saying is with all your wonderful support and kind words, (although cliché in what i am about to say), there really is a rainbow at the end of the storm and i guess if i just stop for a hot minute, i may be able to see the beauty in the storm and it’s importance on my life and the important role it plays for me to grow as a person :blush:

I will try to use these affirmations more often as if i am being honest, atm if my eye catches the mirror when getting dressed or taking a shower, i tend to slip the negative comment such as ewww fat b*h or Fk you. So i think i need to really work on hating myself less and stop blaming myself for something that cannot be changed…


Read this from @AIRAM

I remind myself of this everytime I look in the mirror. :grin: We are beautiful as we are!. :green_heart:


I named that voice that says all those negative things. I tell her she’s a liar and to shut up! :laughing::crazy_face:

For example if the thought in my head says, “You’re lazy. You’re not doing enough in your practice.” I named that voice Karen . Some people just use their own name. I’ll say, “Karen, that’s not true! I’m doing what I can right now and that’s enough!”