New tarot cards!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some new Tarot cards from Etsy which I mentioned elsewhere.

They arrived yesterday and I excitedly opened them up to find one wasn’t what I ordered.

The two packs ordered were The Light Seer’s Tarot and Erotic Fantasy Tarot. I got the first but not the second.

Instead I received this pack:

Quite different to what I was expecting and not something I’d likely have ordered myself. But I was drawn to them and feel everything happens for a reason.

I messaged the seller to let him know I’d received the wrong pack but that I’d like to keep them and asked if he still had the others in stock for me to order separately. He was very apologetic and said he does and that if I’m happy to leave a five star review then he’ll send me the Erotic Fantasy Tarot for free. Can’t argue with that!

Both the packs I have are beautiful in their own way and I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

The Light Seer’s Tarot has gorgeous artwork:

and Ethereal Visions is a little different as it has 2 extra cards in the Major Arcana, one of which I pulled on my first card pull!


Who will argue to that. :grin: the cards looks awesome!


WOW. Good deal. And those cards look awesome!


Well I wouldn’t mind an extra deck, and for free!! :smiley: You were lucky!

The Ethereal Visions deck was originally on kickstarter and it seems that it became quite popular:

The Light Seer Tarot looks amazing too, but it’s that art-noveau style that really caught my attention. Youtube recently recommended me a video by Vox about it too:


It sounds like you were meant to have the Ethereal Visions deck, @IrisW- congrats to you on the bonus deck! :partying_face: That is very lucky indeed :grin:

Enjoy your two lovely new decks- I hope the Erotic Fantasy Tarot finds its way to you soon and is just as wonderful as the first two! :heart:


That’s a great deal!!! When sellers on ebay mess up, I kindly message them and they give a similar deal because they know that they messed up and they want the 5-star review!!! I love that deck!!! :heart_eyes:


That caught my eye, too!! Thanks for the link :link:


I personally have the Light Seer’s Tarot & it’s one of my favorite decks. I love the artwork on them!


It’s beautiful isn’t it?


It really is, I like how the guidebook uses Light Seer & Shadow Seer for the upright & reversed cards.