Newbie Question on Casting

Long time lurker, beginner-ish witch here! :slight_smile: So happy to have found you wonderful people! Question on casting, particularly a sugar spell to draw love toward me. I’d like to take advantage of the supermoon on the 26th. The spell is in 3 parts: casting/writing the intention, waiting 3 nights, and then burning said intention.

Advice sought: with the thought of taking advantage of the supermoon, should I cast the intention on the first night of the supermoon OR burn said intention on the first night? What are your, more wise witches’, thoughts on timing?

Love and light to all of you❤️ thank you for your time and attention!


If it were me, I would take advantage of the building energy before the full moon to do the prep work and intention setting and I would joyfully burn on the full moon. Another idea would be to do some meditation and visualization work (imagining/journaling/drawing all the positive changes in your life that would result when love was with you) along with your sugar spell in the days leading up to the full moon. And it never hurts to also take some positive, self-improvement actions which is about as magical as it gets. For example, If I wanted to draw love to me, I would focus on being a loving person in as many different ways as I could, including self-love. I would send out into the universe what I hoped to attract back to myself. That would be a fun brainstorming or challenge activity to do in the days leading up to the full moon, with the full moon casting being your “graduation night” celebration, so to speak. That’s an idea. Or I might take some steps to act as if I already had what I desired. Would I dress differently? Would I play different music? Maybe you’d create a “love me, baby!” playlist! Or buy yourself flowers or take yourself out on a date. Or if I wanted to draw romantic love in, I might take some time before the full moon to improve myself (especially on a Friday!) Could I be a better listener (always :), what if I took five minutes more with my hair and appearance each morning, how about I make more eye contact, smile and thank random people, and just overall be more gracious and generous? That is some of the “magick” I would play with. What I love about asking for something is that it reminds me to GIVE. I think spells are amplified with works!


Hello Molly!

This is a fantastic question and I think will eventually boil down to your personal preference. As @mary25 mentioned, you could always take advantage of the waxing moon to do the prep work and use that building energy. Then on the night of the Supermoon, burn your intentions and complete your spell.

I personally would do everything all in one night, but that’s just me.

You may also want to consider the zodiac sign that the moon will be in on those nights. During the waxing moon on April 23rd, the moon will be in Virgo. This is a good moment for work that involves practicality and harvesting. You can always think of it like you’re beginning your planting stage :herb: of your spell by setting the intention and making your goals clear.

The Supermoon will be in Scorpio on the 27th (99% illumination of the moon) which is a great time for works involving strength, mystery, and sensuality. Depending on the type of love you’re looking to bring in, this would be a wonderful time to burn the intention.

Obviously, if the zodiac correspondences for the moon don’t mean anything to you then don’t use them. Ultimately, it all depends on how you want to cast the spell :hugs:


Welcome Molly to your new family with love


@mary25 & @MeganB answered beautifully, so I will say welcome to the forum! I’m happy that you decided to join us here! I hope your spell works out for your highest good! :heart:


A very warm welcome to you, @molly1! :heart:

Others have given some great advice for you- hopefully you found what you were looking for! There is a collection of love spells and full moon magick guide on Spells8 that may have some more guidance and tips if you are interested :blush:

May your Supermoon Spellwork shine brightly and illuminate that which you desire! Happy casting and blessed be! :sparkles: