Not Feeling Energy from Crystals

From my own experience, not everyone feels crystal ebergy the same way and different crystals can feel different for 2 different people, my thoughts are in a sense its your sub-concious that feels it go into it not really “trying” to feel the energy dont really focus on the outcome focus on the present moment and see if this helps it took me a while to understand the feeling of the energy they give off


Thank you @Trey that actually makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you!


Everyone is going to experience the energy differently and even if we don’t feel anything at the moment, its still working!

Check out Shannon, she is a certified reiki master & certified gemologist! I HIGHLY suggest watching these two videos! She does a great thorough job on explaining this.

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no problem glad it was helpful in some way!!!


Whoa. Those vids look good. Thanks for the link! :hugs:


I believe that the more you work with your crystals, the more you create a bond, just like the one between a musician and their instrument, or a reader and their books.

However, just like with people, some crystals and tools create an instant attraction, sometimes unexplainable; while others just don’t. :man_shrugging:


Hey @Siofra :hugs: As an Animist, I would say this is a fairly common theme amongst people who aren’t used to sensing the energy of other Spirits – in this case, the Spirit of the crystal. You may just try meditating with it, holding it in your hand and being mindful of that. Making yourself aware of how it feels in your palm, how it looks, and try to open yourself up to the Spirit of the crystal.

It could also be that the Spirit of the crystal just doesn’t want to communicate with you, which is valid and within Their right to do so. Another less common occurrence would be that the crystal doesn’t house a Spirit yet. Most often, though, I find it to be just a needed exercise in energy work and sensing the Spirits around us.

I recommend checking out the Borealis Meditation Podcast hosted by Kathleen Borealis, a geologist, pagan, and animist. Here’s a podcast episode she did about rocks, gems, minerals, and crystals.


@MeganB I’m not sure what happened, but I am just seeing this reply now! Thank you so much. I bookmarked the meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: podcast to listen to tomorrow. I was just sitting here thinking about my crystals because I switched the rock tumbler barrel today. :heart:


haha no worries! It’s still relevant and still a podcast I recommend!