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I am an Hereditary practitioner, I have formed my beliefs based on anienct hermetism, chaldean, polytheism and abrahamic christian apocrophy. I have read Many many books from the Catholic Bible, and The King James variant. through the Torah and the Sefir Raiel. the Chaledean Oracles and the 3 variants of the Necromicon. and various Hindi and Yogi tradtions as well as Budist and Greek, Celtic and Norse. as well as countless books on witchcraft and folkmagic and books on alchemy and rosicrucian teachings. and through my lifes odd experiances. I can still remember my Grandmother trying to teach me to concentraite to bend spoons, mind over matter mind over matter she would say. Say what you may about that phrase, but i will tell you that Grandma of mine had sort of a charmed luck. should would win sweepstakes after sweepstates. Anything with phrases or words she would enter. she had a ritual she would do with her entry’s (family secret). if her ritual went well she would win. she would know what was coming before she knew of the contest. I have an interesting family lineage to say the least. Ive read about some of my bloodline from has far back ar 79ad Picts sacking rome, its a middle name the first born males carry for generations now. to honor our ancestors. to movies and books on the scottish rebellions and a mountain in utah named for my grand mothers great great grand father. I have my own daily and weekly rituals and offerings to local spirits, elementals and nature spirtits as well as my ancestors and Goddesses. as well as the ten directions of concousness and creation. I have beleif that not only is nature sacret but concious and thinking. All life is Sacret and Connected. All Points in Time and Space are connected.
Mostly That we all Are the entire Universe folded up into what we precieve are bodies, and EVERTHING IS TRUE UNLESS PROVEN UNTRUE. I often mediate on unlocking my limitless potential.
Always remember physics are never broken, physics adapts to explain phenominon
That is Me, Troy Named for the City that fell


Merry Meet @Troy,

What an entrance! :star2: Thank you for sharing your introduction, you have such a fascinating background in the Craft. I think it is wonderful that you have explored so many various disciplines as you built your magickal practice :blush:

Your grandmother sounds like she was a truly amazing and talented woman. Goodness, I would love to have a winning ritual like she had! I’ll have to start developing one of my own to pass down to future generations :grin: You are truly blessed to have had her, Troy!

Please make yourself at home in the forum and feel free to use the vast amount of content here as you’d like. There is a lot to sort through, so I recommend using the Tag System and Search Tool to help locate exactly the discussions and topics you are searching for :compass:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


Merry Meet @Troy! I agree that is a great introduction for someone that starts out “Not much of a Talker”, but feel free to hang out & only say something when you feel called to, we have some people that do that here in the forum.

I agree to feel free & explore the forum. Jump in on any topic that you would like or create your own if you want to & someone will get back to you as soon as they can.

The family history that I have researched, is mostly on my mother’s side going back hundreds of years. I am a direct ancestor of colonial founders in PA. The Mennonite Church led to the Amish, my family brought the Mennonites from Germanic Europe (I believe the Black Forest) to PA to resettle & free themselves for persecution Reverend/Bishop Hans Herr is my something, great grandfather. His house is a historical museum in PA. When I asked about any kind of witchcraft from my mother’s side of the family, they were more into Episcopalian, Mennonite & more structured religions.

I haven’t delved too much into my father’s side because half are from the Italy area & the other half is from the Cork County, Ireland area going further back to Scotland. I have read about Celtic Paganism & Irish Paganism & Celtic Mythology. The beliefs are more of my own & I practice that way. I have limited knowledge of the Norse pantheon because I do work with Runes & I am currently learning about them & getting to know my own.

I look forward to learning from you!


Hi @Troy! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia! Welcome to the forum!

That was quite an introduction! You’ve varied your studies so much, I look forward to learning from you. But if you don’t want to talk, that’s fine, we have plenty of lurkers here.

If you have any questions just ask, and someone will pop up and help you out. I hope to chat with you some more later!


Merry meet and welcome “Not much of a Talker” @Troy :hugs: I’m an introvert and not much of a talker either, but I find it easier to write! :pen: So glad you are here! :magic_wand: :sparkles:


I don’t think I could have put my definition of introvert & communication any better. I absolutely am the same way in that respect. I love to write, text, email… I feel so much more comfortable that way. :heart: :pen:


Cool intro @Troy

Welcome mate.



@Troy Good to meet you. Such an interesting background! Amazing stuff to be able to have learned from!


Merry meet @Troy

Welcome to the Forum, it’s nice yo have you with us. Do make yourself comfortable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you all for the warm welcome, yes i have a varied background as i believe tech is tech. interesting find the necronomicon is the chaldean texts that pre date babylon


Welcome, that is extremely interesting with all of the background of knowledge you have! I love this introduction a lot and the ending with the Troy analogy. I am a huge ancient history lover! I hope you enjoy your time here. I definitely love that we can all reach out from all over the world and learn about each other and our backgrounds!
Thanks for sharing!!!


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