Ocean Crystal Jar 💎

This whole project came about watching an ad on the telly for a set of 6 Moccona coffee jars that focus on promoting an awareness of sustainably. Anyways my favourite was the whale jar. So I managed to track one down eventually. I wanted to re-use my jar so I had one of my lightning bolt idea moments to display some ocean-y crystals. Plus a total bonus an excuse to go crystal shopping.

So I did a little research on the most suitable crystals, picked some out - side note - absolutely obsessed with Caribbean Blue Calcite (Blue Aragonite) and Larimar right now. Hash-tag… my new flavour of the month crystals.

I have been slowly collecting my bits and bobs over a few weeks and after a trip on the weekend to the beach for a handful of beach sand (many thanks to Mother Earth for her gifts - and supporting my madness) I was able to put it all together. It’s such a nice feeling when something comes out exactly how you pictured it in your head. I love whales. So this just seemed like a nice little tribute to whales.

A little about the Moccona limited edition jar project …


When it comes to helping make a more sustainable world, every little action can make a difference. That’s why we asked student designers to explore the theme for our 2022 limited edition jar collection, to help inspire us all to take small steps for a better future.

We are also donating AUD $100k to be shared across 6 sustainable causes. Each cause is related to one of the 6 winning jar designs, and you can make a little difference yourself by helping us decide how much goes to each cause.


Student designer Kaitlyn Geltner has a passion for the ocean, and her jar design was inspired by the way whales continually cycle nutrients in our oceans. She met science educator and environmentalist Laura Wells on the beautiful south coast of NSW to discuss their shared love of the ocean as well as ways we can protect ocean species and each do our bit to make a little difference.

ORRCA is committed to the rescue, research, conservation and welfare of Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Dugongs in Australian Waters.


Source: www.moccona.com.au


Green Fluorite tumble - adds growth and nature energies to fluorite. Clears negative energy, releases emotional trauma, align words and actions with true purpose, aids in the freedom from things that are harmful.

Blue Fluorite tumble - letting go of obsessions, frustrations and disappointments, heals soul fragmentation from present or previous lives, assists in spiritual awakening and reprograming karmic patterns.

Aquamarine rough - evoke the purity of crystalline waters and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust, and letting go. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness, and protection.

Larimar chips/point - assists in identifying self-imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behaviour, especially toward martyrdom, and encourages taking control of one’s life. It is particularly useful in admitting guilt, when guilty, and in bringing about a sense of peace in truthfulness. Larimar is a powerful emotional cleanser and healer, especially for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger or fear.

Caribbean Blue Calcite (Blue Aragonite) pillar - Blue Aragonite is a healing stone that is excellent for removing stress and anxiety. It is a calming meditation crystal, and it brings Water Energy into a room or life. This stone is very soothing. The combination of calcite and aragonite helps expel blockages in the third eye and awakens your intuition. This stone releases your empathetic side, helping you to be more caring and sensitive to those around you.

Selenite tumble - calms and stabilizes erratic emotions, and to clear away confusion, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, doubt or other forms of negativity. It allows one to see the inner workings of a situation and to grasp what is superficial and what is going on at a deeper level. Selenite helps bring flexibility to one’s nature and strength to one’s decisions. It can also be used to stimulate the emotional body in overcoming stagnation, compelling one to move forward with one’s life. Cleanse and charge surrounding crystals.

Clear Quartz point - a deep soul cleanser, purifying and enhancing the body’s internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to connect the physical dimension with the mind. It focuses on inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings in its place. Amplification and direction of surrounding crystal energy.

Credit for crystal properties information: https://www.crystalvaults.com

Seashells - Seashells are a very special magickal material—a beautiful gift of Earth and Sea. Shells are found in the secret space between these two kingdoms, which is revealed only during the change of tides. They are treasures from an invisible world. Being born of the ocean, shells are strongly associated with the element of water. They are also associated with the moon, which drives ocean tides. Both the element of water and the moon have strong feminine energies that are receptive in nature, so shells are primarily used in magic to draw things you desire into your life.

Abalone shell - Strength, intuition, balance and abundance, holds the energy of the ocean, bringing strong healing and soothing energy, allows one to remain connected to the ocean when on land, useful for handling and calming emotional situations, soothing the nerves. It is helpful for letting go of emotions, relaxation and comfort.

Shiva Eye shell - Shiva Eye is a Third Eye activator, helping one develop their psychic abilities and intuition. It connects a person directly to their higher self through the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Shiva Eye also acts as a protection stone while you walk between worlds. It helps repel negativity and wards off psychic attack.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au

Sea Glass - just like the relaxing environment of the beach. For years the sea glass has been cleansed by the healing properties of the salt water as it travelled back and forth with the flowing rhythm of the tide. It soaks up the warm light of the sun all day and shimmer in the moonlight all night. And so the tide, the sun and the moon are infused into the essence of the sea glass. Washed upon the shore and waiting to be discovered, like a gift from the universe. A pure, magical sea glass gem, charged with spiritual healing of the ocean. And so evoking this feeling of calmness, of peace and tranquillity.

Beach Sand - Use for calming or anxiety spells to wash away and smooth your fear/negativity, for spells of change or in Magick for motivation or strength.

Sea Salt - Absorb negative energy, purification and protection.

Source: https://www.spellsofmagic.com

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This is such a beautiful idea, @Jessica72! :heart_eyes: And what a great way to combine your crafting talents, love for whales, and magickal skills together. Not to mention that you found a great use for some of your beloved collection too! :sparkles: It’s a win-win-win-win situation :laughing: :+1: :heart:

When this happens, I feel like it was something that was just meant to be. You had the dream and brought it to life exactly as you imagined it. That is some beautiful manifestation right there! :sparkling_heart:

Thank you for sharing and also for all the of resources and ingredient meanings too- they are all very much appreciated :pray::blush:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


What a beautiful jar! And with such good meaning behind it too!


@jessica72 what a great idea!

Currently, I have a large vase that I have been putting treasures from the beaches we watch sunsets on the inside in like layers. Plus, I just found all of my sea glass that was with my crafting items! Now my creative juices are really starting to flow for this idea that was ruminating in my head about spending time with my husband & my daughter when we go to watch sunsets at a beach!


Love it!! I use my moccona jars for various things though not seen the whale one, looks cool. I have a bunch of herbal teas in recycled moccona jars and had thought of putting crystals into jars but it had been jyst a passing thought n hadnt got much further. Lol i wasmt sure if if it was just a crazy wacky idea that id had ( though seeing as you had a similar idea) maybe it wasnt suxh a crazy idea after all :grin: love the themed jar and how you tied the picyures to tge crystals and shelks inside. Just love it. It just looks amazing. Now im inspired to make my own crystal jars. I have some limited edition jars ( not the whale one ) but also i habe many ( many many many) jars white nothing on it so maybe an art project could ve to paint my own picture on outside of jars then make themed jars of my own. Great job and also great job on the research. Very cool​:grin:


This super and inspiring! Definitely brought my attention to crystal stone Larimar, just learned about it through your post, lovely crystal! Looked at pictures of the crystal, does bring my mind to tropical shallow calm waters, looking through the water at the bottom of the sand, very similar to this, so fitting!

Love the whole project!


This is such a great idea Jessica! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love that you’re showing love for the ocean and her creatures :whale: while also being sustainable and repurposing what you have. Good job! :clap:

As someone who is deeply connected to the ocean, seeing your post, your care, and your beautiful trinkets in that cute little whale jar just made my day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :ocean: :coral:


What a great way to reuse that decorated jar. And a lovely homage to your furry friend!! Thank you for sharing, Jessica!


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Thank you so much everyone :hugs: :blush:


You’re very welcome, Jessica! :heart::ocean::blush:


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome @jessica72… always have such great ideas & processes! I hope you are doing well!