October 15th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

“The challenges I experience are

shaping me into the person I aspire

to be. More of who I truly am at the

core is coming to the surface, I feel it.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


You have shared a few of these lovely affirmations with a focus on looking at current challenges in a positive way. They are very helpful! :pray: We are heading back into lockdown measures here in Poland and it seems like a big heaping of awfulness… but I know it’s probably for the best.

These positive messages are a welcome reminder that sometimes, hardship now leads to good and better things in the future.

I needed this today. Thanks so much, @christina4! :heart:

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I love this. I have some hurdles and there are days that I just don’t know how I am going to make it, but I am going to overcome them and I am coming to the surface. I miss me, I’m making a comeback.


Oh wow that’s scary! But like you said, it’s probably for the better. I love the fact that I help others!


I have faith in you! Even if you make little steps toward your goal, it’s still a step. I’ve been in a funk lately with school, and my son’s school. He s autistic and needs extra help. His teacher calls him out and shares his grades in front of the class. It’s not right. Another teacher gives projects for him to do. They’re so complicated that I can’t even do it! Idk. We just gotta keep our head high.

My daughter has been called out in her remote class too in front of everyone and she has little breakdowns throughout the week about it. I have a hard time helping her because I don’t know what the math is all about or how they are learning it and sometimes I don’t understand what they are asking of the kids!

I’m taking everything one moment at a time right now, it’s easier for me to manage that way.

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It’s rediculous what the kids go through. Im learning to take things as they come. I’d always be taking on more than I can handle. Or I’d rush doing one thing just to get to the next. But, I need little reminders to stay in the moment.


That is the same thing that I am doing. Learning to stay in the moment and to not project about the next month.