Ode to the Cat Familiar

it was dawn on Samhain and the house was all quiet

The cat feigned sleep but I wouldn’t buy it.

The claws were still stretching in those soft little toes

and I’m sure that a squeek would alert that pink nose.

I crept to the back door and twisted the lock

I slipped on one boot and straightened my sock

Poised on one foot with my other in hover

I saw a slight movement from under the cover

Before I could manage my foot into place

You would think that a gun shot had started the race

Dear sweet little Snowy so true to her nature

Shot passed me like lightning blue white as a glacier

She shot through the door not brushing the jam

A clean get away - she was free - on the lamb.

I heard not a growl, not a whisper of noise

She obvious planned this as one of her ploys

“Have fun” I called out to the vacuum of air

There was nothing to do but offer a stare

With a sigh I slipped on my remaining boot

but closing the door - at this point was moot

How is it they know? As if reading our mind

I’m afraid if I knew I wouldn’t like what I’d find.

-Berta Morgan


Oh! That’s perfect! Great job!

Is this cat yours? It’s a beautiful piece of writing.


I wish I had a cat… no pets at this time, but this is totally based on reality when I was taking care of my girlfriend’s cats. One of hers surprised me. And my yoga teacher has two that like to bomb the door. So there it is. Just felt inspired.


Well, that’s awesome too! I’m happy you have them around you and they inspired such a wonderful piece of writing.


You are sweet… I hope other cat people enjoy it. It was fun to write.


I love this! You have good poetry skills! Thanks so much for sharing!


Lovely poem dear! HEE! They do that too. Max can be on the other side of the room, looking asleep, when I go to get a package at the door. Next thing I know he’s past me and out in the hall. I think cat’s do it just to give us owners a heart attack.


This is gorgeous, @Berta! Ohhh I love reading poetry- and this is so sweet! Snowy sounds like a fun furry friend- she represents a lot of cats I know :joy_cat: One of the family cats I had as a child always seemed to know when I was on my way to the kitchen for a snack. She’d usually ignore me- until it was time for food! And then suddenly I’d be her best friend, long before I actually opened the fridge door :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This was a pleasure to read- thank you so much for sharing Berta! :sparkling_heart:


Meow, I love it! :smile_cat:


As a cat person, that was adorable!! :cat2:

Thanks for sharing, Berta. You’re very talented with rhymes!!


I’m so glad you enjoyed it!