Offerings for Alpha Centaurians?

I recently got a spirit guide reading and found out my spirit guide team has Alpha Centaurians. I would like to give offerings to my spirit guides so does anyone know any good offerings for them or where I might be able to learn more about them?


Pardon my lack of knowledge, but what exactly is an Alpha Centaurian?


I’m not completely sure myself, this reading was the first I heard of them. But I think they are a type of spirit (since one or mulitple is my spirit guide) as well as the nearest star system to out sun.


Interesting! I’ll have to do some research on them myself. Sorry I don’t have any information to add, though :sweat_smile:


Hello @aspen27

That’s so interesting that you have “Alpha Centaruians on your spirit guide team!” I find this fascinating because I have “unknown beings” with me according to a reading from my favorite psychic! For now, I am calling them “The Others!” Through meditation, I have learned more, and I now believe I am a Starseed! So, I am wondering, if you might be one too…

There is a lot of information on Alpha Centaurians on the internet. They have appeared in fiction and fantasy throughout the years, in StarTrek, and Doctor Who, to name a few.

Follow your heart @aspen27 if this resonates, great, if not that’s also great. I’m posting some links for you below.

With love :hearts: and magick :dizzy: always

Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to the Sun, located at a distance of only 4.37 light-years from Earth. It is the brightest star in Centaurus constellation and the third brightest star in heavens.

The celestial Alpha Centaurian race is simple, honest, introspective, harmonious, and moralistic. They are on a strict path of ascension and aim to help others follow the same path into Source consciousness.

~11 Signs You Originate From One of the Brightest Star Systems In The Galaxy

Starseeds, Light Workers & Earth Angels
The dark historical roots of ‘starseeds’


Thank you! A lot of things in those articles resonated with me. Now I’m starting wonder if I could be a starseed.


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