Starseeds, Light Workers & Earth Angels 🌈

Hey there, Merry Meet! :hibiscus:
Actually I was just now scrolling down and searching on my Pinterest, about magickal stuff and deep quotes and knowledgeable stuff about everything magickal! :sparkles: That’s when I saw these pics I am posting here…however I have been aware of the term Starseed since an year and always doubted if I am one?! :thinking: But after seeing these pins I am getting more certain! I will tell you why…just take a look at these! :sparkling_heart:

Image Source - Pinterest

These are Wow and Mysterious, right? :innocent: Now I shall tell you all why I was considering myself to be a starseed…actually about 4 months ago, I had a weird dream of some another planet that is not in our solar system! Its clouds and sky, were a pinkish hue and there were people walking just like us! :flushed: Except, those people felt to be more closer to The Divine. :white_heart: I don’t know how & why but all I know is I felt it deep in my bones, like I actually was seeing my home! :scream: Or something from my past…this was a lil scary to be honest but at the same time a very enchanting experience! :dizzy: I also have felt like I NEVER belonged…maybe that’s due to my extreme introverted nature in person or myself being always un-understood but, I know now that there is some mystery to this! As every single trait of a starseed except an OBE is my story since early teenage! (My family still calls me grandma Because of my wise little opinions and a habit to give a deep lecture! LOL!! :joy:) If I am not a starseed then why do I feel like a strong pull to some unknown home to me? Also, if I am then why am I soooo deeply in loove with The Earth (not all people of course! :sweat_smile: Instead, Mother nature, Goddess Gaia! :earth_asia:) This is tricky, isn’t it? And then I found this on Pinterest…


This is a pin all about Light workers and Earth angels as well! The differences between these terms and their traits…I guess that I relate to the properties of a lightworker too!! :flushed: And as for my upper concepts about myself, I relate to being an Earth angel too! :astonished: OMG…this is too much! :joy: I certainly know there are many such people out there who can easily relate to these three terms regarding their true identities! I just wanna know if someone here in this forum too feels the same, and most probably there must be many! So I want to know your opinions too on this topic my lovely witches! :blush: Also, please advise me how to know for sure if I am one of these or maybe all!!? :exploding_head: (Is that even possible!!? I don’t have a clue…) Also I found this Beautiful picture for a person who relates to a Starseed, a Light Worker or an Earth Angel! :smiling_face: :sparkles:

Image Source - Pinterest

Thank you for reading this topic loves and Blessed be!! :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


Well, my sweetest child, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can
teach an old witch new things. Thank you for the knowledge you just gave me.
Bright blessings (Just like you).


Aww @Garnet I am so happy that you actually liked this post love :face_holding_back_tears: and…you should know that since the beginning I have always found you the most wise witch amongst us all! After all old is gold!! :yellow_heart: :hugs: This is not just me saying this…this is me feeling it! I love and admire you, your wisdom and your magick always! :sparkling_heart: I have to learn like things that would take me a lifetime…but when I meet people as wise and sweet like you and everyone else, I find some more light in this world! Thank you for always being so kind, love you and blessed Be! :kissing_heart: :sparkles:


Although I really appreciate your compliments, let me say to you.
You have given us the energy of youth, the hunger for knowledge, and a true love of the craft.
Having never had a girl child, I like to reach out to the younger generations.
Sadly, I have learned, when the elders are gone, many times so is their wisdom. We offer the cup of wisdom, drink deeply, children.
Many blessings to all.


Ohhhh wow! I’ve heard of Light Workers before, but I know very little about Starseeds and Earth Angels. Always excited to learn something new! :smile: :heart:

It sounds like Starseeds may be what I’ve always considered as an “Old Soul”- someone with wisdom beyond their years, who has likely been through many numerous past lives. Although from the image here, it sounds like Starseeds would have additional abilities and origins :milky_way:

The term light worker has been mentioned quite a few times around the forum (here is a list of all the posts it appears in!) so there are definitely others around who know more about it and will hopefully have more info (about starseeds and earth angels as well!) and advice for you! :blush:

I am cheering you on on your journey of self-discovery and I hope you are able to find all the answers you seek, @Solasta_Amore! From what you’ve shared here and what I know of you and your very bright character, it’s easy to see you as a special soul- whatever type of soul that may be! :heart::hugs:

Much love and many blessings! :sparkles:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry! :kissing_heart: Yes, I will go through these posts you linked here so I can get some more insight on these terms! :smiling_face: I guess I am also thinking, to get myself a good ebook on Light Workers and Earth Angels too, as I already have one called, ‘Letters to a Starseed’ :heart_eyes: :stars:

Aah…you are one sweetheart for Real! :blush: However, all I know and feel is that, literally, everyone in this world has an origin that is truly special and one! Me, you and every other being that breathes or lives… is equally the epitome of love & magick! No matter the gender, caste or religion…I myself never considered these as even valid! That is the One reason I am sooo inclined (or you may say love struck by! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) towards Wicca and Magick…this is one of the rarest paths that leads to unison and love for all! Thank you for your lovely reply here Bry! :hugs: Much love and much blessings to youuu! :sparkling_heart:


What can I possibly say here??..In short words - I loove you toooo! :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: I just felt like you reminded me of my grandmother who passed away 11 years ago due to mouth cancer. She always used to tell me and my sister magical and moral stories…we used to sit with her on the terrace and listen to her and eventually fall asleep! I don’t know…I just felt nostalgic and sort of…yeah nostalgia, :face_holding_back_tears: thank you @Garnet for your lovely words…much love and love to you! :kissing_heart: :hugs:


I’ve thought long and hard about posting my reply here. And please know that I don’t mean to put anyone down or deny anyone’s beliefs.

I want to caution anyone researching Starseeds to be very, very mindful of their origins. I’m not saying there isn’t any legitimacy to these because I obviously can’t deny a person’s experience. However, the idea of Starseeds as we know them today is full of racist undertones and eugenics. I will leave you with some quotes and a link to a well-researched article.

Humanity, she [Madame Helena Blavatsky] claimed, had evolved for millions of years through various ‘root-races’, including the Lemurians, the Atlanteans (from Atlantis), and the present dominant race, the Aryans. A new root-race is now emerging, allegedly, in California. There’s an element of spiritual racism to this theory. Some races are spiritually lower and more primitive than others, indeed, ‘the sacred spark is missing in them’. Other races are higher, such as the Aryans (although Blavatsky was quite scornful of Anglo-Saxons and her Masters tended to be Indian). Like Darwin, Blavatsky thought ‘lower’ races were destined to die out and be succeeded by ‘higher’ races.

One finds this Aryan or white supremacy in German theosophy. Rudolf Steiner, leader of Anthroposophy, claimed that all cultural achievements came from the white race, who are more spiritual and ‘cosmic’ than other races. Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels, inventor of Ariosophy, claimed that ‘the Aryan hero is on this planet the most complete incarnation of God and of the Spirit’. In fact, Aryans have a different origin from other species:

The race of full-blooded and whole Aryan Man was not the result of natural selection alone. Instead, as the esoteric writings indicate, he was the result of a careful and conscious breeding process by higher and different kinds of being, such as the Theozoa, Elektrozoa, Angels, et sim., which once lived on this Earth.

This sort of spiritual racism had a profound influence on the Nazis. Many leading Nazis, including Hitler, believed in the Hypoborean race theory, which suggested Aryans weren’t the same species as other races, but had emerged somewhere in the frozen north, possibly even in Atlantis. Hitler saw his spiritual mission as the purifying and perfecting of the blonde, blue-eyed Aryan race, and the subjugation or elimination of all inferior races, especially the snake-like Jews.

All of these quotes come from the below article. The article is on Medium, so if you have difficulty reading it please let me know. I know you get a couple free member’s only articles a month.

The dark historical roots of ‘starseeds’ | by Jules Evans | Medium


This broke me. Celestia.exe has stopped responding, please hold her tight and tell her everything is going to be all right and magick isn’t just a white supremacist power fantasy to continue.


First and foremost I am a healer. I am also a Starseed, and a Lightworker, but I would not consider myself an Earth Angel. I did a search here on the forum and I found Starseed mentioned a few times. :heart:

That’s an interesting article, but I can’t really relate to it. I see being a Starseed as a good thing. As for Q-Anon and white supremacy, mmmm… not so much! Anyway, thank you for sharing this link because I always enjoy learning about different points of view. It’s just not the way it feels to me though. :people_hugging:

This broke me. Celestia.exe has stopped responding, please hold her tight and tell her everything is going to be all right and magick isn’t just a white supremacist power fantasy to continue. :rofl:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Yes I actually, feel the same as you @marsha regarding being a starseed and I seriously don’t understand why others (who are so good-for-nothing) divide people into various races! :angry: These races were never what God created! @MeganB I don’t mind at all that you shared this article here first of all! I understand that this is due to your deep concern! :kissing_heart: @CelestiaMoon aww sweetu relax! This racism is not worth it! I am sending you big warm hugs!! :hugs: :kissing_closed_eyes:


I guess things can have bad origins, but still stand for something good. Look at Aleister Crowley and his legacy for example, or Osho. Or from fiction, Lovecraft or Rowling. They all created and popularized some beautiful and exciting things, but also had some rotten beliefs that had little to do with love… doesn’t mean we have to throw out the good with the bad does it.

This is the core of what I believe too, all the divisions are just silly human creations to make interesting stories. When you strip it away layer by layer, all you find at the center is pure unconditional love, the only thing that really matters. :sparkling_heart:


Ohhh I’m sorry :people_hugging: I didn’t mean to break you! Magick itself isn’t a white supremacist power grab for sure - remember, magick originated with the people, the common folk on the ground using the energy and natural world around them to do what needed to be done.

And just because some horrible people ran with the Starseed idea doesn’t mean it’s true origins (if this isn’t them) aren’t different. There are also some stories that I believe originated with the Lakota people about Star People, but it is different that Starseeds.

That’s totally understandable! :heart: I just want to share different points of view and potential history and origins to be aware of. Starseed today may be different than Starseed back then - I just feel it is important to know what to look out for when researching history of certain things :blush:

Absolutel always :heart: This is always where I come from and I’m glad others can see it!

This is exactly it! :heart: I don’t think I made it clear enough in my comment that I was only sharing about the origins for those looking to research the history and find out more about Starseeds. There’s a lot of hidden alt-right and hate in some occult spaces online and I want everyone to be safe when furthering their education and continuing on their path :heart:


This is really beautifully said, @Solasta_Amore! :heart::blush: And you’re right, I don’t think I worded it very well in my last post (apologies!)- I see it that everyone has their own unique “flavor” of special, and that it’s so much fun to discover and celebrate those uniquenesses. These are things not meant to divide or separate, but to shine a different yet equally beautifully light on everyone.

It’s hard to put into words the idea of celebrating differences that bring us together and unify us (it sounds like a paradox haha, but I believe in it!)- and I can’t seem to say it nearly as well you do (you are the very talented poet, after all! :wink::two_hearts:)

Anyways, forgive me for rambling- wishing much love and many blessings to you too! :heart::grinning:

Absolutely not- I think it’s actually very kind of you to share what you know about these topics, Megan! :heart: Goodness knows that sometimes background info on a subject isn’t what we’d hope to hear, but no matter the root of it- it’s always better to find out from someone who genuinely cares and is looking out for you, than from finding out a harder way.

Having all the information allows us to make educated choices about whether or not terms are right for us- and opens up a clean path to potentially reclaiming a term that was misused or abused in the past :muscle: :two_hearts:

HUGE HUGS to you! :people_hugging: :heart: Magick is most definitely not anything that can be claimed exclusively by bad groups of people or power abusers- like Megan said, it belongs to the people as a whole. Magick is energy, life, and existence itself. It’s vastly unclaimable :milky_way: :sparkles:


Reminds me again how important it is to trust your intuition, trust the energy… if something feels off it’s good to stop and investigate. Sometimes it can be just good old anxiety and trauma response, I think that’s what happened with me. Thank you for the warning, and warm hugs all around :hugs: :heart:

I’m subscribed to quite a few witchy mailing lists, and I’ve seen the concepts mentioned in that article on quite a few. Light work, manifesting, raising your vibration, DNA activation, Lemuria and Atlantis, light codes, sometimes starseeds too. There’s also a healer I follow on Youtube who sometimes talks about those things, and talks and sings really beautifully in light language. Then she also says: practice discernment, take what resonates and feels right to you, and leave the rest.

Another thing I’ve noticed, there are so many offers for coaching programs about soul led entrepreneurship. That’s kind of the dream for me too. The same concepts from above are heavily used in their marketing materials, and it kinda makes me wonder… is this what it says it is, or is it a pyramid scheme? Hard to feel it from the energy there either. Some things feel like cardboard cutouts of each other, others like there could be more under the surface.

Rabbit holes everywhere :sweat_smile: :rabbit:
Pick a nice looking one and dive in, or stay on the surface speculating where they might lead! :grin: :hole:


That’s exactly right! And there’s nothing wrong with reclaiming words and ideas, either. Some people may be reclaiming Starseed or Lemurian in the same way Queer people (not all, of course) have reclaimed the word Queer. It’s all about using discernment and critical thinking skills – and you have both!

It’s never a bad thing to question people online, especially if they’re making money off you in one way or another. And if anyone gets upset with your questioning, that’s definitely a red flag.

Haha yes, rabbit holes galore! There are so, so many out there. But that’s not surprising considering how much information is out there for us to discover!

Warm hugs for everyone! :snowman_with_snow: (maybe we need an Olaf emoji… :thinking: )


I second that sweetest @MeganB! I loooove Frozen! Haha! :smiling_face: :hugs:


I always looove whatever you say my dearest friend!! :kissing_heart: Also, where you said that I am the poet…(well that made me blush :blush:) I know one thing for sure…your way of words give away your true emotions- your warmth and care! You are a charmer truly! Thank you for the blessings love :heartpulse:


I know sweets! And I admire you for everything you are:two_hearts:


I so agree with both of you! We all bleed red, we all have a soul and I believe we are all divinely created. :stars: And the only thing that matters is “pure unconditional love!” :heart: :heart: :heart:

My dear @CelestiaMoon, when I first read this message I thought you were kidding! But I woke up this morning thinking that maybe you weren’t. So, I just want to apologize to you, I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

In the grand scheme of things, we only have a few thousand years of history and this is questionable because it’s all written by men! And of course, we are all influenced by our beliefs which can change often as we learn and grow.

I do believe in Magick, which I think is just another word for Miracles and/or Energy!
I also believe that Energy is neither good nor bad, per se. It’s influenced by the person using it! So if someone believes Starseeds are all bad, and another believes Starseeds are all good, which is True? Neither? Both?

I believe Starseeds have been here on Earth for millennia and will continue coming here for as long as needed. And what is the origin of a Starseed, does anyone really know? Maybe, but I don’t know . . . not yet anyway!

This is just something to think about . . . and just my 2 cents . . . just saying!

I have a book about the Star People, I will have to look for it! I am going to research this a little more as time allows. I so appreciate all you do for us and I really love how deeply you care! I am so glad you posted this because I never knew about the dark alt-right side of Starseeds! And I also love all the conversations this has started :people_hugging: :heart:

I am so sorry if I offended anyone with my comments! Please know that I am so grateful to everyone here and I love all of you!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha