Offerings to the Gods

I was thinking about gifts to your Gods and came up with an answer that I don’t know is appropriate.
Most God of all pantheons like spices and incense. I wonder if you could offer a few drops of different Essential Oils? I Ask because E.O. is considered precious.
Gold, frankincense, and myrrh were offered to the Christ child in the Christian Bible.

Just wondering


I have used sandalwood and rose oils as offerings to Auset during rituals. I got the info here on spells8 where it lists incense and oils as offerings


Ooh, I’m excited to read everyone’s thoughts on this. I still haven’t pursued working with a deity yet, mostly because I’m still learning. But I have so many essential oils that could work for this!


I don’t see why not :woman_shrugging: I’ve offered my time, my own blood, sweat, and tears, and my own creations. I think anything can be an offering if it is given with purpose, intent, and respect.


I offer incense because we’re not allowed to put out even birdseed here at the apartments, it attracted a bear. Same with pouring milk or honey on the ground. And just throwing it away doesn’t sit right with me. So incense it is. Here’s the chant I use when giving it.

Lord and Lady, I give you this gift of smoke and scent.
May it give you as much pleasure as it is meant.
Bless this smoke to purify and protect
As it is given with the most reverence and respect.

Blessed be.

But that’s what I do.


I have offered herbs, tears, creations, natural things I’ve found, crystals, incense, certain water blends, journal entries… I agree whatever it is as long as there is intent, they will take it as a part of what you have to offer from your heart :heart:


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