Ogham? Runes? Witches Runes?

I am learning these, little by little, and picked up a couple tarot card sets, so will be doing that one too. Do any of you do any of these??-

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I didn’t know them! I started googling and it’s super interesting!

Ogham is an alphabet which was traditionally used to write Primitive Irish ~1,600 years ago, the earliest known form of Gaelic. As it is known only from fragments inscribed on stone.

From Ogham.co

Some words written in Oghram:

  • Love: ᚌᚏᚐ
  • Family: ᚈᚓᚐᚌᚆᚂᚐᚉᚆ
  • Strength: ᚅᚓᚐᚏᚈ
  • Peace: ᚄᚔᚑᚉᚆᚐᚔᚅ

@roxanne Do you know how those to the left of your image are used? I found this Ogham translator which is fun but it looks really hard to learn!

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Actually it’s like anything else, you have to get familiar with them. I don’t know all but learned some while studying Druidry. I have trouble with tarot but got 2 decks, and will do the course on here. I think it is like anything else…takes time. I have a friend in Scotland who reads them like we do the paper…

Did you type out the alphabet? That’s the coolest way. It’s interesting