Oil infusions

I’m trying to make and infusion of arnica in a combination of Argan oil and
Grapeseed oil. I put it in the window, but living in Florida, I was afraid I’d cook it, so I put a washcloth in a small pan with enough water to go about half way up the jar, and heated to between 100-115F. I’ve warmed it on and off for about 10 hours not counting the 3 hours in the sun. Is that long enough?
Garnet - Magical Extrordinaire


Hmmm… I personally have never made an oil infusion that way. I’m curious too. :hugs:


I have never made an infusion that way either. When I make my rosemary oil, I let it sit for 3 weeks and then strain the rosemary from it.


Have you made the oil before/do you know what it should look like when it’s properly finished?

Anytime the brewing/crafting situation veers away from the recipe, I’ve found the best way to judge readiness is by keeping a close eye on the product. It doesn’t always work (some things look the same when they’re raw vs ready :sweat_smile:) but some things have a certain look/feel/taste/color/etc to show when they’re good to go :+1:

Wishing you all the best with your oil, Garnet! Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I’ve never made an oil infusion this way but I did find a website from an herbalist that might help you!


Ive never done an infusion that way neither. I always do a minimum 2 weeks


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