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@SilverBear hey hon, i was just looking at some of the recipes in the lessons, and i keeps seeing where it says parts of. Ok so how many parts is a part is my question. How do u define a part? A pinch, a drop, a smig, a dash? I absolutely love your recipes and i want to try them but i dont want to screw them up neither. I know how hard u worked on them.


Hi, read your post and this is my belief.

SMIDGEN – A smidgen holds 1/2 pinch or 1/32 teaspoon. Or what you can lightly pick up between your thumb and first finger.

2 smidgens = 1 pinch.

PINCH – A pinch holds 1/2 dash or 1/16 teaspoon. 2 pinches = 1 dash.

A drop is just that, a drop from a dropper.

Clear as mud, right?

Bed, bath and beyond or a similar store. Might have the smaller measuring spoons. They are a Tad at 1/4 t., a Drop at 1/64 t. and a Hint described as a tiny amount or 1/2 drop, 1/128 t.

Parts are a measurement of liquid or solid, but say you’re making a drink that calls for 1 part this to 3 parts that. In ratio that would be 1:3. To make it easier, 1/4 C to 3/4 C = 1C

Hope that helped


Good explanation, my Italian Grandmother used to use her hand to measure so her recipes read like this:

In a skillet add olive oil & sautee` minced garlic with tomato paste. Add beans & Italian seasoning & simmer for 10 minutes then serve warm or cold.

Or if she was making like a pasta salad:

Make pasta & add green peppers, red peppers, corn, carrots, & creamy Italian dressing. Spread Italian shredded cheese on the top with halves of pepperoni slices. Refrigerate before serving.

:rofl: It’s like a vague guessing game… never wrote down amounts, just what was in it. So my brother & I would have to stay at her house & literally watch her make things & either write it down or be really good at remembering what she did & how she positioned her hand when adding dry ingredients. :joy:


You’re right! But being a Nurse, I fell back on chemistry.
Blessings love


I do the same thing, I would find a conversion chart online when I got older & do it that way too. I’m a fan of measurements. Great job @Garnet :smiling_face:


So it depends on how big of a batch you want to make.

I always do small ones even when I add them to my boxes so they are freshly made!

Although – I like them to “sit” for at least 24 hours so the smells “entwine” together.

But, if it says 1 part I use a tablespoon if it calls for 2 parts I use 2 tablespoons and so on.

Same if I am making a bigger batch – 1 part = 1 cup 2 parts = 2 cups 3 parts= 3 cups and so on.

You can use any unit of measurement when doing the parts method –

So – if you use 1 part 1/2 teaspoon 2 parts would be 1 teaspoon 3 parts would be 1.5 teaspoons.

Hope it makes sense - it makes sense in my head and it always smells good haha.


@SilverBear yes that makes perfect sense. Thank u so much. Im like @Susurrus 's grandmother ehen i make stuff i just throw stuff in a bowl, no units of measure. Its what feels right for that person. Bc mine to this point have been solely healing based (covid, menopause, allergy, cold &flu, pregnancy, etc teas). Usually there is no set measurement and each time its made its different. Even if for the same person. Its based on how i feel at that moment.

But yours that i saw, and i didnt look at all of them, are ritual based. And being for a specific ritual i didnt want to mess that up. Nor offend u or what they represent. I know u spent alot of time making these. And then sharing them with everyone, and again i know that is no easy ask neither. And im trying to get to that point too. I have over 30+ healing teas and just as many oils if not more i would love to share one day. Baby steps :grin:

@Garnet i cant thank u enough for all of your help. You’re my rock


I do this all the time too even when I am making meals :laughing: I come by it honestly… I tweak recipes all the time based on how I feel or what I feel like it needs more, less, or what I have on hand. :heart:


@Susurrus yessssssssss sister. Tweaking should be my middle name.


We could be middle name twins! I tweak everything I do, that’s why I rarely have anything written down unless it came with something. Even then I tweak it :laughing:


@Susurrus ditto


I love this meme!


@AileyGrey If there was ever a way to explain my brain :brain: when tweaking things that I come across or feel like I need to do… :rofl:


Yea, some things I measure, some I don’t - depends on what it is. Baking is always measured or it doesn’t turn out right. The spaghetti I made a couple nights ago? The herbs/spices were all measured in the palm of my hand, lol.

If I’m following someone else’s recipe for a tea/oil/balm/etc, I’ll tend to follow it the first time and then start making my adjustments after that. I do try to keep track of how much I’m adding of things for my own, but more along the line of what @SilverBear had since as parts, so 1 part X and 2 parts Y.


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