Ok, so this happened

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier post, I’ll just give you a bit of background. So a couple of months ago (more or less) I asked the Universe (and the Goddess) for something, and it manifested. Everything was fine, and I was looking forward to getting started with everything (it was a freelance gig), and I was so thrilled. I did a gratitude ritual for the Goddess and was so happy about everything.

About a week after the ritual, I got an email saying that I didn’t have that gig anymore. That basically the client decided to go a different direction.

My question is: for those of you who believe in the Law of Attraction and base their spells on it, therefore speaking to the Universe and thinking of Deities as symbols of the Universe, is it possible to like “get” what you wished for and then have it taken away from you? This is so freaking weird, I can’t understand it, really.

I have millions of questions in my head right now. Like, did I do the gratitude ritual wrong? Did I do something that upset the Goddess? WTF don’t get it! Or is it really true that you should “tell no one” about your witchy things? Did I jinx it?

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I do manifestation exercises quite often, and now honestly I’m so worried I will get what I ask for, then lose it.

What do you guys think? I’m confused.


Aww that’s such a bummer that you got what you asked for and then didn’t have it anymore :people_hugging: I can only imagine how discouraging that must feel! I’d like to give my thoughts, but I know you only asked for those who believe in the Law of Attraction and base their practice on it and that’s not me. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share my opinion with you outside of the Law of Attraction :pray: but I’ll put it behind a Read More just in case you don’t want to read it :sweat_smile:

Read More (if you want lol)

I have a few different thoughts on this and different directions this could have come from.

– I don’t think deities, the universe, or any other higher power would give you exactly what you asked for just to take it away. That seems very petty, and while the agendas of deities aren’t always known to us, I can’t think of one that would teach a lesson in this way (or just be vindictive).

– I also don’t believe you did the gratitude ritual wrong. With some deities, the ritual aspect is important. I think most deities and higher beings wouldn’t care so much about the parts of the ritual. It’s the fact that you’re showing gratitude for what they gave to you.

– If this is the Law of Attraction, it is possible that you were given what you asked for but then the client behind the scenes changed something. Maybe their attitude changed, their pay schedule, etc. and it wasn’t what you wanted anymore even though you weren’t aware that something was going to change. In a Law of Attraction sense, it could be the Universe’s way of watching out for you and trying to give you what you asked for. For example, if you asked specifically to make $20 per worked hour and the client agreed, then you were given that. But then if the client later decided, unbeknownst to you, that they were going to give you less than $20 per worked hour, the Universe could be looking out for you and have the client go another direction.

– As for your other question, I don’t think you jinxed anything at all nor upset any deity. Sometimes the “tell no one” aspect of witchcraft is more about keeping the right mindset and not bragging to others about what you’re accomplishing. In this case, I don’t feel like that’s what you were doing.

– Also, sometimes bad things just happen :woman_shrugging: We as humans, while we can be affected by the powers around us (whatever you believe they are), can still exercise free will. If you didn’t specifically cast a spell on the client to make them do what you want and only suggested it, that leaves the door open for them to step away.

In any case, I’m sure another wonderful opportunity will come your way! :hearts:


@Peridot Don’t give up. It’s not near the end, this may simply be part of the bridge of incidences leading to you getting your desire.

Sometimes the journey looks bad from the outside but if you truly believe in your manifestations and your spells, you won’t give up, you’ll keep persisting.


Greetings @Peridot,

I’m so sorry to hear the gig fell through- I remember your post and I know you were really happy about it. Sending big hugs and lots of love your way :heart::people_hugging:

While there are aspects of the Law of Attraction that I do agree with (mainly the power of thought and manifestion), in order for something to be a Law it must always be true and I personally have seen enough exceptions and contradictions that I consider it to be more of a Guideline of Attraction, if that makes any sense :laughing:

As such, I’m probably not the best person to answer this question from the POV of the Law of Attraction- apologies! :pray:

If I can still offer up my two cents, like Megan said, I have a strong feeling that it wasn’t your gratitude ritual that switched the scales. When we do spellwork that involves higher beings (gods, goddesses, deities, the Universe, Fate, etc), we are putting (at least part of) the spellwork into Their hands. Higher beings are in a, well, higher place than we are and can certainly see much and understand more than we are able to.

My best guess is that there was something else going on beyond your knowledge in regards to this position (or another better one that will come along soon) that was not in your best interest and was best to be avoided. That reason may become clear to you (the client goes bankrupt, the other freelancer gets awful reviews, you get a much better offer, etc) or it may never appear as something tangible.

You have every right to be frustrated and upset about what happened, no one could blame you! For now, my best advice is to let your emotions run their course. When you feel ready, take a step back from the situation and assess everything. The fault here was with this flimsy client- there’s nothing you did that was wrong. Look over the situation once more with a calm heart, and then close this situation like a finished book :closed_book:

There are better opportunities out there waiting for you, Peridot. Sending you lots of love and light! :people_hugging: :heart:


Lovely child, slow down. I doubt you did anything wrong. Who can know what surprises the Universe has in store for us.
Perhaps Goddess is telling you that you aren’t ready, or not now. Or has chosen a different path for you.
If at first you don’t succeed try again, and again, and again.
In the meantime, try meditation to teach yourself to focus. Look internally and your answers will come.


I am sorry for you, it is a bummer and it hurts. I ‘ve had these experiences before. I wanted a soul love and found him. I also lost him after three years, he died, and I couldn’t understand and accept what happened. It still hurts sometimes after eight years. But now I know that I was too symbiotically attached to him, and therefore couldn’t develope myself as an authentic person. I learned a lot from this grieve. And learned to love myself more.
Another time I thought I had found my dreamjob. I didn’t get through the trial period. I gave everything else up for this job so I had to start all over again. But I learned it wasn’t the job suited for me because I wasn’t appreciated for what and who I was, and what I could do. They wanted me to be something I wasn’t
I didn’t know this at the time these events happen. And I still wish I didn’t had to experience them. But they did And they brought me to where I am now, a lot stronger and wiser. And more assertive :crazy_face:


I have had similar experience and I had to conclude that the universe was not pleased with my graditute ritualor something, :pensive:


Law of attraction (LOA), I dip my fingers into it from time to time, as @BryWisteria put it, see it more of a guideline than law.

I’m going to provide my two cents as well. What I’m going to write touches on an aspect of it, gratitude. Know LOA stresses the importance of showing gratitude on what one has, rather than focusing on what one doesn’t have.

First, who knows what’s going on with that company, there are a lot more uncertainties especially with inflation, and etc. Putting that to the side.

Being that you performed a gratitude ritual and week later the company canceled. So I along with you lean towards something went wrong with the gratitude, that could be a strong possible and here is why I feel so from what I read. The gratitude ritual was premature, timing was off, because you didn’t have the job, so what was there to he thankful for, showing gratitude towards: the offer, it being tentative, take there was no employment contract. So sending gratitude, could have conveyed that you have the job and therefore that energy was pulled out to be used, allocated elsewhere, and or being grateful for something tentative, so the energy scaled back because it could have felt enough was done to satisfy your wish.

Reading this, made me step back with my own thank you and expression of gratitude to “promises” or “I’m going to do this for you” etc. It will be nice if it happens, but it’s not over until it’s over, and until one has it, he/she doesn’t have it.


I agree with @Garnet, maybe this is part of the path you have to walk. This could be clearing the way for something better or maybe this instance was just outside of your control?

@BryWisteria is right, you have every reason to be upset and frustrated, but don’t give up. There is something better out there for you :heart:


I follow a more guided practice of making wishes/ manifestations then LOA. I make statements on the new moon, work towards those during the waxing moon, release them to the Divine at the full moon, release what is blocking me during the waning moon, and come to a closure with this cycle on the balsamic moon before starting the next cycle. It may take several cycles before the wish/manifestation comes to fruition so the release to the Divine is important so you don’t get hung up on “why isn’t it happening?”

As mentioned by others, I don’t think you did anything wrong. I think this just wasn’t the answer you were looking for even though it seemed it was. Maybe they turn out to be a nightmare client or it drags on longer than expected without additional pay and you miss other opportunities. Know that the Divine/ Universe would not give you something you wish/manifest for to just take it away. The door meant for you will open and you won’t miss this gig once it does.

At the same time, it is ok to feel frustrated. Take some time to feel your emotions and deal with them. I like meditation and journaling for this. I’ll write out what is annoying/ frustrating me or making me angry on a piece of paper. I then do a meditation where I imagine each item is a bubble or a balloon and I release it to the sky to float away. After I’ve down this, I burn the paper and bury the ashes.


Hey guys sorry for the late reply and thank you all so so much for the replies. I’ve had some time to think and also wanted to give my emotions some time to just be. I think I’ve decided to just trust the process and believe that what happened happened for a reason, whether I get to see what it is is irrelevant. I will just believe that the Universe/Divine has my best interest at heart.
Thank you all so much once again :heart:


It’s my pleasure, @Peridot :heart::blush: I’m really happy if you were able to find your peace! Keep on moving forward with your head held high- the past is behind us now, and there is brightness and many more smiles in your future :pray::sun_with_face:


Thank you so much @BryWisteria :heart:


It’s my pleasure, @Peridot- blessed be! :sparkles::blush:


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