Opening Links in the App

So first off, I love the app lol it’s so useful for me when I’m not at home. I’ve got a small issue though. When I click a link in the app, the link opens but it appears to open in the app rather than an external browser. Usually this would be fine but if I’m checking a URL or want to copy a link that was shared, I can’t. I’ll add some screenshots here


There’s no URL bar in the 2nd image so I can’t see the web link. I know I can hop into my browser and not have an issue, but it is an issue from the app.


I love this app actually. It help me to stay connected with my friends always.


I have had this same issue, I have noticed more recently where if I need to share a link I need to switch to my web browser on my phone, copy the link & go back to the app.

(When I wasn’t feeling good, I was on my phone more than my laptop)


Thanks for the feedback @MeganB :+1:

For the time being, I can only offer you a workaround like the one Siofra mentioned.

I am on Android:

For example, I was on this topic where Bry linked to a “Thanksgiving rituals” article:

  1. Using my finger, I selected the title of the page.

  1. I tapped and hold to get the menu.

  1. I clicked the three dots to find the option: "Web search…"

  1. It opens a Google results page with the post which you can now open in a browser to get the URL.

It’s not ideal but I hope it will help until there’s a new version of the Spells8 app. Hopefully soon! This might seem trivial but it will take some research to fix :nerd_face:


I noticed that as well! But I found this kinda neat!

iPhone users:

I noticed where ever I’m at in the forum if I click on a link it opens it up within the spells8 app. I notice that if you swipe right then it takes you right back to where you were within the forum! And say you want to go back to the link you just clicked on then swipe left. So swiping left or right pretty much works as the “back and forward” button :slight_smile:


No worries. It’s not a big deal, just wanted to make sure you knew in case it was an issue for others :blush: I’ll be patiently waiting for an update, whenever it happens!