Oracle and tarot sets

Do we need 1 too many?

Lately I am beginning to think it feels like Imelda Marcos and her vast shoe collection.
It makes sense to have more than one pair: hygienic, last longer, matching accessories,.
Yet I favour one over the others, it may be worn out but comfy like a pair of leather gloves.

I love my feet and so my cards!

All began with my first oracle set:

The Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg by Derek Walters.

144 cards!
Still my favourite.

The way cards are layed, the simbology, the detail.
I has taking me 2 decades? to move from this set to Waite set.
Somehow I was weary of the individual simbolism behind each card, and trying to memorize it’s meanings.
Feel more confident now, but like my first set, will take a time to master.
Own quite a few more sets, but when all will stop?

Hoarding in any form is part of us as human beings.


Most of them anyway and a few books have not shown yet!

Will this pleasure never end? or

Will displeasure ever end?:rofl:


I have three tarot decks and an oracle card deck (and I just ordered this tarot deck because the images are amazing) – each deck for me has its own personality and energy to it and can read differently. Then some people collect tarot decks for the art! I don’t think I could have much more than I already do, though. That gets expensive!


Love the imagery, almost like pictures!


I agree with your comment, then again I have to borrow a line from Pauline’s League of gentlemen british sitcom:

Don’t need friends, got pens…if they work you use them, if not, you chuck them!

Or, Prince Regent(Hugh Laurie) in Black Adder’s:

  • No matter how many socks I buy, never seem to have enough…:rofl::joy:

British humour at it’s best!
…,been too long in this Country, Sorry!


You have some beautiful sets. @basil I don’t know how many sets I have but it’s alot for ont picture lol


And, I love them all!


@basil i think you should get as many as you are compelled to buy. If they call to you you can’t pass them by, right? I have four Tarot decks and three Oracle sets. I think it is the same with books. I have purchased 4 this week. I have a number of eBooks but I’m old school, I like to feel the book in my hand as well. Two of the books are herb and herbal Magick related so they will be good resource books, the other two are about Wicca and should arrive today.

@MeganB the new deck looks amazing! I hope you connect to them and they provide the answers you seek.

Blessed be.


Should open a shop, this way I would try all the sets available.
All started like my cookery books, too many to count. Gave away and sold some, still plenty left.
My numerology app. says should channel my energies, and it’s right.
Got lots of projects but not in the mood for it.
I have a new tarot book, love the different approach on the cards and made a good start on my book of Shadows.
Herb & herbal magic?
Do tell, am interested!:pray:


Fearless Tarot, Elliot Adam
This is the book and reading right now.
Different approach to tarot, got me finally interested.
Anyone’s got it?


Wiccan Herbal Magic by Stewart J White and The Herbal Apothecary by JJ Pursell. The Wiccan book is just shy of 80 pages and lists the basic herbs a Wiccan should have. The other book is 285 pages of 100 medicinal herbs. I thought it would be useful research book.


U found them interesting?


The bigger book arrived yesterday so I haven’t gone into it yet, but the smaller book is interesting and it has some simple spells included that might be worth trying.


Great, will check them out.:+1:


I am definitely like this, too – the benefit of ebooks is that they don’t take up already limited space :sweat_smile:

I don’t have it but I’m adding it to my list of books to look into!


@MeganB :
If you buy it, won’t regret it.
2 readings so far, and full of advice.
Watch his clips on YouTube, well, he is everywhere. Let me know what you think.
Unless you know him already😊


What do you think of the dragon oracle?


I have not use it much. Now am a bit more interested in fengh shui, should use it more.
It has I-Ching coins.
I think is a gorgeous set.
I was born in the year of wood dragon, but am an earth or brown rat.
My first, has to be: Maghjon oracle.
Had it over 20 years.
144 cards to play with!


You have such a gorgeous collection, @Basil! :heart_eyes: Like @Kasandra, I’m also curious about the Dragon Oracle- it looks beautiful :dragon:

I’m another member of the you-can-never-have-too-many-decks club :laughing: It is an expensive collection to have, but if you have the funds and it brings you joy, I say treat yourself! :heart:

Thanks for sharing, Basil! :sparkles::flower_playing_cards:


Taurus pampering himself here :joy:.
Tend to overexpend.
I should save more.
Will show the dragon oracle soon.