Organizing essential oils

Finally figures out a system for organizing my essential oils. I figured out that nail polish organizers fit the bottles perfectly! Anyone else have a good storage system?


I have an old briefcase type thing made for essential oils :laughing: it isn’t something I would have bought myself but my mom used to be a distributor for a popular MLM essential oil company. I got it when she stopped!


Hi @mary25, I was thinking about you! :revolving_hearts: I hope everything is going well! :revolving_hearts: Currently, my storage is my essential oils on one of my nightstands, no actual trays or cases, they are kind of organized with the larger bottles in the back & then the smallest ones in the front & the other sizes grouped together from large to small. I would love to find a better way to store or organize them… I just have so many & different-sized bottles based on the ones I tend to use the most. :laughing:


That’s brilliant @mary25- they fit so perfectly in the organizer! :heart_eyes:

I’m ashamed to admit I have mine tossed in a drawer. There’s also a bag of them somewhere downstairs. I really need to get organized with my oils :sweat_smile:

This is #goals right here! :raised_hands: