Orphic Hymn of Zeus the Thunderer

(αρχαίο κείμενο - απόδοση)
Ζεῦ πάτερ, ὑψίδρομον πυραυγέα κόσμον ἐλαύνων, στράπτων αἰθερίου στεροπῆς πανυπέρτατον αἴγλην, παμμακάρων ἕδρανον θείαις βρονταῖσι τινάσσων, νάμασι παννεφέλοις στεροπὴν φλεγέθουσαν ἀναίθων, λαίλαπας, ὄμβρους, πρηστῆρας κρατερούς τε κεραυνούς, βάλλων ἐς ῥοθίους φλογερούς, βελέεσσι καλύπτων παμφλέκτους, κρατερούς, φρικώδεας, ὀμβριμοθύμους, πτηνὸν ὅπλον δεινόν, κλονοκάρδιον, ὀρθοέθειρον, αἰφνίδιον, βρονταῖον, ἀνίκητον βέλος ἁγνόν, ῥοίζου ἀπειρεσίου δινεύμασι παμφάγον ὁρμήν, ἄρρηκτον, βαρύθυμον, ἀμαιμάκετον πρηστῆρα οὐράνιον βέλος ὀξὺ καταιβάτου αἰθαλόεντος, ὃν καὶ γαῖα πέφρικε θάλασσά τε παμφανόωντα, καὶ θῆρες πτήσσουσιν, ὅταν κτύπος οὖας ἐσέλθηι· μαρμαίρει δὲ πρόσωπ᾽ αὐγαῖς, σμαραγεῖ δὲ κεραυνὸς αἰθέρος ἐν γυάλοισι· διαρρήξας δὲ χιτῶνα οὐράνιον προκάλυμμα βάλλεις ἀργῆτα κεραυνόν. ἀλλά, μάκαρ, θυμὸν κύμασι πόντου ἠδ᾽ ὀρέων κορυφαῖσι· τὸ σὸν κράτος ἴσμεν ἅπαντες. ἀλλὰ χαρεὶς λοιβαῖσι δίδου φρεσὶν αἴσιμα πάντα ζωήν τ᾽ ὀλβιόθυμον, ὁμοῦ θ᾽ ὑγίειαν ἄνασσαν εἰρήνην τε θεόν, κουροτρόφον, ἀγλαότιμον, καὶ βίον εὐθύμοισιν ἀεὶ θάλλοντα λογισμοῖς.
Performance :
Our father Zeus, who leads the bright world, who thunders on high and produces the highest brilliance of the ethereal lightning, who with your divine thunder shakes (shakes) the throne of the happy gods and kindles the fiery lightning through the waters, which are covered with clouds and you send the tumults, the rains, the gales, the mighty lightnings, which are fiery, rushing, horrible, strong-hearted, noisy, full of flame and you cover with the clouds the terrible flying weapon (the lightning), which shakes the hearts and shuddering, which comes suddenly and is a thundering, pure arrow invincible, with the eddies of the vast whistle, which eats everything in its impetuous motion, impenetrably indignant, irresistible, the sharp heavenly arrow of fiery lightning, which descends with thunder and lightnings, for whom even the earth feels horror (shudder) and the bright sea and the beasts fear him when the stroke (of the lightning) enters their ear (When they hear it) their faces shine with the flashes (of the lightning).
When the lightning falls in the valleys of the ether (in the firmament of heaven), but when you break (cross) the mantle, which is the covering of heaven, you loose the flashing lightning.
But, bless you, pour out your heavy anger on the waves of the sea and on the tops of the mountains, for we all know your power.
But for the sake of the libation give to the mind all the right things and a happy life, and with them the queen health and the goddess Irene, who nourishes the children, the precious and life that will (be full) from cheerful calculations.

Ορφικός ύμνος Κεραύνιου Διός (θυμίαμα στύρακα) (αρχαίο …


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](϶ϵ Αδράστεια Διός ϶ϵ: Ορφικός ύμνος Κεραύνιου Διός (θυμίαμα στύρακα) (αρχαίο κείμενο - απόδοση))


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This is a great hymn! It’s so cool to see it in its original language too. Thank you so much for sharing the hymn and the English translation, @AIRAM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I really like this too! Thank you for sharing! :revolving_hearts: