Otherworldly Oracle - Physical Signs of Being a Witch

I found this link don’t know how true it may be but it’s very interesting to read it “ 10 physical signs your a witch” thought y’all would like to go check it out and see if you have any of these physical signs


thank you for sharing i am going to check it out in the morning .


Very interesting! Several of the item listed also seem to be connected to ADHD. I have always wondered if there is a connection between those of us that are Neurodivergent and magical ability or the tendency to be interested in magic, the paranormal, or just being someone that is always questioning our “normal reality”.

Thank you for sharing.


Oooo That’s interesting I didn’t know that!!


@brandy20 I like this site but had never come across this article. It’s funny because a few of them I was like I have that or have done that… I thought it was very interesting & a good read!

The palm part I have to check again… I was dozing off on the couch with dim lighting & was like… I don’t know what I’m looking at or for… :laughing:

Great find! Very interesting & a good read!


This is cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ve been told I have beautiful eyes one could just keep staring into… :blush: I looked at my hands and have the healer’s lines on both of them, three or four on each hand. I’m not seeing any circles on them, even though I know I have a strong intuition.

Clumsiness, not really, head in the clouds, yes :sweat_smile: Kind of have weak knees, can’t stay kneeling for long, on a hard surface not at all. Body temperature, that’s a fun story… I was dating someone who was a furnace and had magic fingers, and apparently I picked up both of those traits! :joy: :purple_heart: Hard to sleep cuddled up, lovely as it would be.

I have beautiful veins shining from under my skin :blush: I can’t see any patterns though. I’d have to take a closer look in better light. I definitely look much younger than my years, and I’ve often been told that I have wisdom beyond them. Definitely a blessing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love keeping my hair long, wild and free :relaxed: I don’t believe in haircuts :joy: I’ve often been glad that this goes well with being a witch, but maybe that’s even where it comes from~ :wink: :two_hearts:

Hypersensitivity… oh yes. So many delicious fruits I’m allergic to, pollen, nuts too. And all the cute fluffy animals :frowning_face: That seems kind of strange, limiting my exposure with nature. Sensory sensitivities, oh yes. I can feel differently pigmented areas on someone’s skin without looking, and tell from the sound if there’s hot or cold water running in the tap. :sparkles:

This is an interesting connection I’ve also noticed! I’m also on the spectrum, and so often find I form deep connections with others who are too. Feels like we’re speaking the same language from the beginning. I can’t really be bothered to do superficial with anything, I go all in! :joy: :sparkling_heart:


I’m definitely gonna be looking a my veins today that was very interesting to me.


I thought the same thing! I’m neurodivergent myself and always wondered if there was a link.

Thanks for the sharing the article, @brandy20! I don’t have a lot of them, but definitely some.


Ehh :woman_shrugging: I read this and wouldn’t put much stock in any of this. Witches come in all shapes and sizes, and I don’t think any of these physical traits really show that anyone is a witch. Just looking through all of these, I only have a tattoo and hypersensitivities.

I also don’t put a lot of thought into these because I believe anyone has the capability to be a witch, regardless of if they were a witch in a past life or not. I also don’t believe in “witch blood”, meaning you have to have been born a witch or come from a line of witches.


I have never seen that article but I find things like this interesting. I’ve been told I was an old soul since I was a child. My grandmother told me these things as she was one herself. Turns out, it had a lot to do with being an empath also. As far as physical traits, she was a Native Creek American and also had the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen. Even when she was in her 80s towards the end of her life she had this silky, baby-like skin.

I sometimes wondered if it’s possible I have folk witch traits. She had already passed away when I began to learn who I am so I wasn’t able to ask her the questions that I wanted to ask. I am learning more about ancestral rituals. I definitely pay respect to my Native ancestors.

I have a tendency to go off into the wilderness with my chatter !
Thank you for sharing! It’s very interesting.
Blessed :crescent_moon: Be


Very true I agree!!


I took this one much like I would take a personality test in Cosmo or such magazine, fun thing to do together and compare but I wouldn’t really base my self-definition on it… :wink:

Oh yes, please let’s not create another class / caste system, we’ve seen enough of those… our labels and definitions are ours to set and no one else’s :hugs: :heart:


Exactly this! I think these things can be fun to look at, and I’ve definitely thought about the connection between neurodivergence and “fringe” belief systems, but I don’t have any sort of research to back that up :laughing: My labels are my own!


I always find them interesting, I don’t believe in the witch blood, being born a witch, or that certain physical attributes or things mean you’re born a witch.

I like to see what they say & if I have any of these things. It’s more for fun. I know I’m a witch, even if not one those of things pertains to me.

I always get interested when they say different things mean you’re a witch. It’s entertainment value for me, like buzzfeed quizzes.

I actually came across a quiz last night to tell me what type of witch I am that gave me a giggle.

I think everyone is able to be a witch, it’s up to you in the here & now; by you’re own free will & choice. If it resonates with you & your beliefs & aligns with your own values & truth… then you’re as much of a witch as any other.


I too don’t have other signs other than tattoos and sensitivities either; although I have been told I am neurodivergent. I was going to say I’ll have to say goodbye as I don’t seem to have the physical characteristics of a witch :wink::grin:.

I agree, I think anyone can be a witch.

Interesting read though.


Yeah, I can see this :blush: It’s like with the quizzes we have - they’re for fun, for sure! I remember taking them all the time as a young teen, just spending hours on them lol All in good fun!

Amen to this! :clap: :pray: :sparkles: We’re all witches here :blush:


Wild hair, look younger than my age, and healing lines definitely. Maybe some others.

If you have a mole that is blue or irregularly shaped, go to a doctor - like, yesterday. It can be a sign of skin cancer.


I agree and I didn’t want my post to mean I’m automatically a witch due to my ancestors & my grandmother. I surely didn’t mean it in such ways.

Those are interesting and fun to discuss but I do not take them to heart. I do like them, I won’t lie :joy:
Blessed Be to everyone :crescent_moon:


Oh of course! I didn’t mean that you meant it this way :sweat_smile: I just had to share my two cents here :blush: I do admit these are fun to do sometimes, you’re not wrong there!


@Siofra_Strega ha ha ha u did what i did. I was like yep got that that and that one. Few i dont but more over do. I checked the palm one while reading. Hey did u know im a healer… lol