Overwhelming emotions while meditating- thoughts, please!

So I’m hoping for maybe some insight. Today during my evening ritual, while meditating, I kind of got light headed and started to cry, but not necessarily sad, maybe overwhelmed? I haven’t felt like that before. Any thoughts?


It’s normal in this cases when connecting to the Sourse, God or the way you feel comfortable to address it. Your spirit just cry out in a positive way. Kind of a little hard to describe, but worthy the moment.


Thank you for the input, it clarifies what I was thinking. I ended ritual with my soul at peace but was curious about my experience. I definitely feel better knowing it was an actual connection, thank you again :pray:


It’s good to write down on your B.o.S. (Book of Shadow) or journal your experiences. How do you felt, etc. For future references. Not all the time you’ll have the same experience. Sometimes you can see like lights or flashes. Or nice things like that.


You’re welcome @Peaches .


Greetings @peaches!

It sounds like you had a very powerful experience while meditating! Rest assured that drawing up strong emotions is pretty common in meditative work :+1: - and is not necessarily a bad thing!

Shadow Work especially can bring up some very overwhelming emotions, but can help to open the door to deep inner healing :door: :black_heart: If you were doing any kind of Shadow Work, I would recommend following up with Self Love Work- this Self Love Spell is a personal favorite of mine :heart:

It is also possible that you were overwhelmed by some type of burnout. Meditative work is relaxing, but relaxing can sometimes release a flood of emotions and energy that we are usually holding back. These emotions may be from stress from work or other life areas, or it may be from Spellwork Exhuastion- there are some tips on how to handle it in this post: Feeling Tired After Spellcasting? if you are interested.

I definitely agree with @Pedros10 about recording it in your Book of Shadows/Grimoire so you can look back on it later :raised_hands: . Sometimes meanings are immediately apparent, but other times it is only time (and perhaps repeated experiences) that can help to build an understanding.

I hope some of these tips can help you! Hope you are doing well and that your future meditations go well. Love and Light! :sparkles:


I cry during most meditations. It’s normal. You’re getting used to being in touch with your inner self and that’s beautiful! Fyi, before coming out of any meditation, do it slowly, move your hands and then you feet so you don’t end up getting lightheaded. Ok.


Thank you @BryWisteria for all the info. I’m not familiar with shadow work just yet but will definitely read up on it and use the links you provided :blush:

@christina4 thank you, I’ll remember about coming out slowly, I think when I started to cry it “popped” me out of it because I was suprised

Have a blessed day :pray: :two_hearts:


You’ve got some solid responses here already but I just wanted to add in my two cents :laughing:

Sometimes during my meditations or rituals, the energy of the space can overwhelm me and I can have an emotional response. If I’m connecting directly with my Gods, that’s a different story. The overwhelm of emotion is usually one of joy and happiness and that can lead to tears. As for the light-headed feeling, that just happens to me anyway if I stay in one position too long :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ll take all the cents I can get :laughing:
Thank you for the info
I was sitting on a pillow on the floor, with my legs crossed so maybe that’s the issue


You’re very welcome, @Peaches! :blush: Shadow Work can be very freeing, but it can also be quite difficult and even painful to work through. There is a list of Shadow Work resources for beginners here, but I would recommend that you work through and fully understand whatever emotions are rising up in your current meditative experiences before delving deeper into Shadow Work. Just a suggestion for you though- feel free to try Shadow Work if you feel ready! :black_heart:

Megan brought up a really good point about the space you are meditating in :+1: , as everyone has different favorite spaces and equipment (or lack thereof) to meditate- and these can definitely affect meditation! If you’re interested, there’s a discussion about Finding it Difficult to Meditate that explores different cushions/chairs/sitting positions- maybe something there can give you some inspiration?

Wishing you all the best with whatever you choose to pursue- blessed meditating! :pray::two_hearts: