Pagan Beliefs Going Strong

I.m so glad I found my way here. I,m really taking all I can in everyday. Thanks you all for being here. :relaxed: Have a wonderful day and stay safe out there.


We’re glad to have you here! If you have any questions, just pop up and ask. We don’t bite. Much. LOL. :hugs:


We’re happy to help and have you here. There is a lot to learn and take in here. And as @kasie said, if anything should arise, please don’t hesitate to ask. Someone will get back to you with the best answer and information for you.


@FlagrumThorn I’m happy that your beliefs are going strong :+1:

Witchcraft is practiced in many different ways by many different people. You’ll find that witches have a wide range of beliefs. I’m still figuring it out honestly.

For some it has to do with magic and spells, for others it’s about nature, or about exploring cultural heritage. All of this of course with a lot of personal meaning and symbolism involved.


We’re glad to have you here too, @FlagrumThorn! :heart: Good luck with your learning and growth in your practice- feel free to reach out with questions or tips to share! This is a very supportive community that loves to help one another learn :books::blush:

I hope you have a wonderful day too- blessed be!