Past Life Regression 🪄

For this challenge, I would love to share my past life regression therapy that I had gone to a couple years ago. It was in NYC. It explains a lot!

As I relaxed on the sofa, all I could hear was a voice guiding me to my past life. It was like I was in a movie. I looked at my hands, my feet my surroundings. I was in the woods near a castle. I was with my lover (boyfriend) and we were playing hide and seek. Just having fun. We were so in love. (My memory skipped around a bit). I was in the castle :european_castle: and I was looking out of the window awaiting my man. Then I decided to go out to look for him. Somehow, I get the feeling that I was a fighter and I hurt people with my huge sword :dagger: that was wrapped somehow on my shoulders and on my back. If that makes sense. I ended up getting into an argument with somebody who said that my boyfriend died in a fight. I told the man he was lying and we continued to argue. He ended up leaving. I jumped off my horse (oh sorry, I was on a horse :horse:) and I bawled my heart out! :sob: I made it back to the castle and I asked some lady to confirm this and it was true. (It’s so real, I’m actually crying now). I can understand how I’m loving being single because I don’t want my heart broke. And I am a fighter, I’m a warrior. My last name in Latin is warrior.

I had another regression done with this same person I went to with this last regression. It was so good I had to go back. This time I went back to the Native American culture. I was a female healer with a daughter who loved to run around. So many people came to me for help. I was so happy to help everyone! The tribe made me my own type of healing tent. I was in my glories. That’s all I could get out of that one.

One last time, I went back to this guy in NYC. This past life, I was Egyptian. I don’t recall what my role was. There were people everywhere in some type of building worshipping a Goddess. (Like a church of some sort.). But I had on sandals. Lapis jewelry as an offering. The clothing was beautifully designed. I couldn’t explain it if I tried. But it was the typical clothing that you’d see in Nat Geo. I guess that was my life, I worshipped a Goddess as I do now! :blush:

As part of my role in this life, I’d like to share a project I made for the Triple Goddess:

I’m not sure if you can see it, but there are 4 candles and the triple moon :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

And as part of my history, I’d like to share a card spread from the part of my family I wish I knew more about!

The cards I received were:

when you’re uncertain of which action to take, look at your own totem, whether personal or shared. Acknowledge your core beliefs and act accordingly.

The Dream Catcher:
Cultivate discernment and make sure you understand all the subtleties before jumping to conclusions.

The Calumet
Find a way to create a peaceful, mutually beneficial solution, honoring and respecting others involved.

There ya have it, my weekly challenge entry!

(From the book, The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing by Luv Bourault)



Wow. You got some wonderful details out of your past life regressions. I’m gonna try to do that tomorrow, the guided meditation, and see if I can do it. :crossed_fingers:


I bet you’ll have met me before :wink:


I bet we’ve been friends before! :hugs:


I know we were :blush::butterfly:


Those are all amazing experiences, @Christina4- it sounds like you had several really successful past life regressions! :star_struck: I’ve never done one with a professional before, but reading your experiences makes me want to give it a try :blush:

Thanks so much for sharing! :sparkles:


It’s amazing!! I want to go back to see if I can connect more with this life. Like to see why I have certain phobias or love crystals.


Also, when I was in Pre-K, there was a fire drill. I ran out that building, across the street and around the corner. The school asked if I was ever in a fire or had trauma from one. Nope! But, that’s my biggest fear or phobia!!! I say this because I believe it has something to do with a past life.


Would you be able to share who you did your regression with? I’ve been looking into this and I’m from NYC.


Sorry, no information about the past life expert in NYC (hopefully the wonderful @christina4 can help you there!) but just wanted to jump in and say hello, @tatyana- welcome to the forum! :blush:

Wishing you all the best with exploring your past lives! Blessed be :sparkles:


Sure. I believe his name was Daniel Ryan in Manhattan. I came across a video of an example of what he does.

Let me know how you like it.