Pearl Information 🦪


Mineral Family: Organic, but could be chemically made with Aragonite & Calcite.
Structure: Calcium Carbonate
Hardness: 2.5-4.5
Chakra: Crown :crown:
Zodiac: Gemini :gemini:
Element: Wouldn’t it be water?
Colors: White, Brown, Pink, Black, Gold, Blue

:sunny:Info from Crystals & Jewelry:

:oyster: Pearls are used as gemstones but aren’t regarded as true minerals due to their organic origin.

:oyster: It takes 4 grains of pearl to equal a gemstone carat.

:oyster: Pearls can be used in a similar way to crystals and minerals for healing and metaphysical purposes.

:oyster: Their energy is feminine in nature, meaning that they’re useful tools to use if you have access of Yang or masculine energy in your meridian or chakra system.

:oyster: Pearls can be used to access the wisdom of the Goddesses in many moon rituals and also in manifesting work.

:oyster: They’re very balancing in their vibration, gently bringing the energies of balance and harmony to the aura and etheric bodies

:oyster: Pearls are often used to treat digestive tract disorders and address skin complaints, from minor blemishes to more severe scarring, acne and rosacea.

:oyster: These inviting pearls heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity, and imagination.

:oyster: While holding pearls, you can attract prosperity, protect yourself from negative influence, and transmute negative energy.

:oyster: They also help protect children and nurturing the child in the womb.

:oyster: Pearls symbolize loyalty, dedication, and steadfastness.


Some of my favorite jewelry from my husband is my strands of freshwater pearls. He got me 2 sets… one is a bluish pearl necklace with a matching bracelet & the other set is browns/blues & a necklace with a bracelet. They are gorgeous & I love them. I haven’t worn them since I was working, but I think I am going to have them make a come back! Thank you for the information on them.

I also have my mother’s white pearls that are from her grandmother. (I believe they were my great grandmother’s, maybe not specifically from my great grandmother. Her side of the family gets confusing :joy:)


I have my grandmother’s jewelry and her jewelry box. It’s filled with all her jewelry. She never had pierced ears, so she had clip ONS and they were beautiful!!! One pair was sterling silver with a few sapphires. I have her pearl necklace that I used to play with as a child. Under her supervision, of course. I had them tested and they’re real. The guy wanted to buy them for a cheap price. I told him to f@ck off!!!


Wow! I have my grandmother’s jewelry box & it still has her jewelry in it too. My mother gave me a lot of her jewelry a few year’s ago, when she went to the nursing home. We didn’t want any of it to get stolen, she has a lot of jewelry from her great grandparents that was passed down to her. I keep that kind of stuff out of my daughter’s reach. :joy: I love her, but she is still absent minded about things when she is playing outside or not at the house. To be that age again though!


Christina, how do you feel about manufactured gems, ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc.?


Pearls are lovely- not just for jewlerly, but also for magickal purposes too! :sparkles::oyster: Thanks for all this info, Christina :heart:

It makes me wonder how similar Pearl and Mother of Pearl are, both in terms of their crystal properties and magickal uses? :thinking:


It’s not my place to judge. If somebody likes what they like, then that’s their preference but I don’t buy them because I use crystals for their earth element. I prefer the rough cut over polished shapes. Although I do love some of the shapes. Polishing is like taking a crystal from it’s natural state and ruining it. That’s my opinion.


Very, very similar. I didn’t know there was a difference. But I’ll have to look into that!!!



Oh thanks so much!!! I’m on my way out the door and I saw that you helped @TheTravelWitch find her answer!!! You’re awesome :relaxed::cherry_blossom:


Thanks for the link, @Garnet! :blush:

From the article you shared, it looks like both Pearl and Mother of Pearl come from the same place (mollusks :oyster:) and are made of the same stuff (a substance called “nacre”- calcium carbonate). Aside from the fact that Perals are much more valuable than Mother of Pearl, they seem to be basically the same in terms of mundane usage! :+1:

I found another article by Crystal Jewlery called Mother of Pearl: Meanings Properties, and Powers that seems to suggest that, when it comes to magickal meanings, Mother of Pearl may take on some similar and some unique uses in magick (when compared to Pearls):

"Mother of Pearl will help you in using your personal power in a responsible and dependable manner. It will support you in building up your self-esteem and having a disciplined spirit.

This stone will also help you in reacting to stressful life circumstances in an empowered and confident manner"

Really fun to learn about Pearls and Mother of Pearl- thanks again to Christina and Garnet for sharing your wisdom and finds! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :oyster:


Looks like I’m buying a whole entire inventory of these :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Absolutely right. The shell of the mollusk grows as it matures(MOP), but the pearl is the result of something getting caught in the animals shell and it encapsulates it so it can no longer irritate.
Seed pearls are just that. A seed pearl is generally defined as a small natural pearl, usually measuring less than 2mm in diameter. Although their early definition stated that they must ‘weigh less than quarter of a grain’.
They have some of the most beautiful and unique pearls showing up in Asia recently


Holy mama!!! That’s huge!!! :open_mouth:


For sure, I saw pictures as big as a volley ball. Makes you wonder if the mollusk had a lisp?