Pendulum and past lives

Has anyone in our coven ever tried using a pendulum to explore past lives? I have been using a pendulum in my practice for several months, and recently started asking it yes or no questions about my past lives. I have gotten some interesting answers!


Hello @scott1,

Congrats on your pendulum work- it sounds like it has been going really well! :pendulum: :blush:

I’m afraid I don’t use a pendulum much, but I am really interested in past lives and I have explored a bit through tarot. I’ve had the most luck and gotten the clearest insights about past lives through meditations :person_in_lotus_position:

Would you be willing to share a bit about what you learned? I’m always interested in this topic and I’d love to hear about your past lives (if you’re comfortable sharing- if not, no worries!) :grinning:

Much love and blessed be!


Yes, I have. Explore away! You never know just how long your soul has lived.
Ive gotten alot of interesting answers too. Some that fit pieces to puzzles I didnt know existed.


I don’t use a pendulum much but I didn’t realize that this could be a way to explore past lives! :thinking: I don’t know why I didn’t think of that lol but I’d love to hear more about the process if you’re up to sharing! Is there anything special you do? Or do you just ask questions?


I meditate for several minutes at my altar, then ask my patroness goddesses (in my case, Brighid and Hekate) to help get answers to my yes and no questions. Adding, if it be for the betterment of my soul. Using this method, I uncovered a past life during the Civil War, and whether my wife was with me (she was).


Interesting! Thank you for sharing :heart: I’m not sure if I have the brain space to delve into my past lives just yet, but one day I will!


I routinely use my pendulum on Samhain… otherwise it’s pretty sporadic. I haven’t done anything with Past Lives… I’m just unsure of it & really can’t put my finger on why that is yet.

I never thought to try to use a pendulum for it though :thinking:

I’ll have to see about meditating :woman_in_lotus_position: & maybe using my pendulum to see what I can find out.


I use a pendulum and I have never done it with Past Lives but this is something to look into. Great work on checking into yours.


I never thought of using a Pendulum for that.
I haven’t used my new one much but that doesn’t seem to be one of the things I lost, maybe because it’s intuition and has very little to do with memory.
I am very interested in learning about past lives and using a Pendulum sounds intriguing.
Would you mind sharing a few exa5 of the questions you started with?


Thanks! Past lives is a topic I have been intrigued by since I was boy.


Sure! I have always felt that I was in the military in a past life (I have visited Gettysburg many times since childhood. I am from the Pittsburgh area). I started by asking just that: was I a soldier in a past life. After getting a yes, I tried to pin down the era: ww1, ww 2, Civil War in USA. I got a yes for ww2, and the Civil War. I then asked if I died in battle: no for ww2, yes for Civil War (but not in Gettysburg!) According to the answers I received, I was an officer for the North.


Thank you. I’m still in awe that you thought of it. Kind of like
Wow what kind of mind and intuition does it take to come up with that
Incredible, glad that you’re getting the answers that you’ve been looking for and thank you for sharing. :sparkles:


You’re quite welcome!