Pendulum Insight by Moi

So I finally found my pendulum at a local store recently. I was so happy–it’s an amethyst and it’s so lovely. Also got a mat for it, cuz I’m just starting out. And it was $15, so not a big expense lol.

I love this thing so much! For some reason I am so drawn to learning it’s ways. I have done about 3 different ‘reads’ with it and so far, it was wrong once but that was probably down to miscommunication on my part.

For the record, I am finding divination is my thing. Not sure what type of witch that makes me but I have found my spot in this ‘witchy world’

I have asked it about my name and each time it said yes. Not a little but quite a swing. Then I asked both times my age, wrong age. No, both times. I’ve asked about a lost item. that’s where the miscommunication came in. It was gov’t card that is missing. I didn’t describe the card and asked if it it is in ‘the vicinity of the cat tree’. There is a chair there, near and I found a prepaid credit card inside it. I feel like saying close, lol. Once I described it, a bit different.

I asked was I in the right place looking for it, green card with my photo on it and the world Ontario-- no. Is it still in the living room-- no. Which at this point is correct, cuz I’ve looked in that room top to bottom and nothing. Is it in the garbage bag? Maybe. Is it in the garbage bins outside? Maybe. So my guess it’s in the dump, I managed to toss it out.

I do hold a grain of salt to it. But I am just floored at the accuracy sometimes. I don’t know. I know last night was interesting. I was holding it and it was still for a while. I asked it questions, no movement. Moved the mat so the yes was another way and it was like it was happy with that. And there was no breeze, so it wasn’t the wind influencing it. You can also see it change it’s answer. Mine will swing back and forth (let’s say) and then breifly circle. Then the next answer if it different. If the same it swings harder.

Sorry just want to gush my findings :slight_smile: thanks for reading

photos of my new pendulum and mat



It’s beautiful. I love my pendulum too. I’ve just finished reading a lesson on programming and using a pendulum on Spells8, it was really good. Have a nice evening :sparkling_heart:


It’s a beautiful pendulum and mat! :pendulum:

I’m glad that you’re finding a groove with it! Pendulums and I haven’t been good friends. Well, I can’t say that. I haven’t really used it much. It’s got some emotional energy that I’d rather not have in my hands… :sweat_smile:

Anyway! I’m super happy that you and your pendulum are getting along well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is a beautiful pendulum! I have a similar looking one that is clear quartz & copper! Its the only one that has consistently given me pretty accurate results & I just love :heart: it… admittedly I only use it a few times in a year. Always around Samhain, Beltane if I can, & when I’m checking energy within.

I love the amethyst & its gorgeous! I’m happy you have found yiur groove with it too! :hugs:


Oh my! I am loving your pendulum and your mat! Gorgeous! I love my pendulum too! It’s funny because my very Christian father in law gave me my first pendulum. He bought it for me at one of his tai chi conventions (he is a tai chi instructor) before I even started practicing the craft. I use it all the time, especially whenever I am feeling anxious. It is so much fun to learn!


Gorgeous pendulum- it is a beauty! The mat is really nice too- I love all the details :pendulum: :sparkles:

Congrats to you on your pendulum work, it sounds like the two of you are forging quite the bond! May you continue to have fun and enjoy your readings. I hope your lovely new pendulum serves you well! :blush:

Blessed be!


That’s a beautiful pendulum!

It’s good to read about your experiences with the pendulum. I have decided I won’t give up just yet and will first try the course.


That is a beautiful pendulum, I too do pendulum as divination. I always cleanse mine before I use it, then I will say a chant to program the pendulums source so I do not get answers from my subconsious but from my higher self and spirit guides. In between questions to make sure I will ask my pendelum to swing to each part of the pictures on the board and it does, and I will also ask it personal questions as well. I am glad you are enjoying working with your pendulum.


I do something similar. I find mine can be a little subtle (little swings), so I will ask it to be clearer with its answers. I also tell it what to expect.

I allowed it to chose it name, like my decks and athame. I asked if it wanted to chose a letter for its name— yes. I have the alphabet on the mat so I asked what meter. Very clear ‘V’. Nothing on the both side, so def that letter. I looked up names and Vivian was a name that I chose. I asked if that was a good name. Yes. As a test, could I go with the name Vera? No. Vivian is your name? Yes.


That is awesome you have found a name. I also asked if I can choose a name and right now I got no, I am being patient and will ask again down the line and if it does not want a name I am fine with that too.


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene I came upon something because I been having some issues lately with my pendulum readings no matter if I cleanse it and say my chant. I had a feeling I was getting false answers so I researched it. There was a post to let us know if this is happening that it can be lying to you or telling you things to upset you and if this should happen always ask if the Spirit is of the White Light before each question. If it says No ask it to go away and then ask again. Now they say it can be when you put your pendulum down and not working with it. So now I have added this to the start of my divination and wanted to share with you.


Oh now thats interesting, Im making a note of that. Thankyou :heart:


Your welcome @tracyS.