Pendulum Session

So this may just me be me. Or maybe I did get in contact with something.

I will say my pendulum is…well, as far as I’ve seen, accurate. When I do the test questions (how old I am being wrong and my name being right), they match up. I have asked questions I know the answer to and the answer was correct. Only once or twice has it not.

Tonight I did session. I did one similar a while back and decided tonight to go again. For those that want to stop now, this does have to do with spirits and energy.

So I do believe that my house has some ‘friends’. Nothing mean, tho it was dicey there for a second but my friend managed to remove that lovely ‘being’. Since then, it’s been relatively quiet. Odd sound and stuff that I can’t explain but not like before where my kids said they literally saw things that were unexplained.

So I do believe part of the reason I haven’t cleaned is that there is an energy that is enjoying the discord and chaos in my house. I was pretty good about cleaning then stopped. Now that is mostly due to my depression but I also, in my gut, feel like something is driving me to be, I guess, apathetic, towards my house. My close friend, who strongly believe in the paranormal, said she felt a depressed type of energy in my kitchen-- which ironically is the absolute worst mess of the house.

So a while back I tried a pendulum board session to find out more. At that time I got: the spirit is female, between 21 to 25 yrs old. She was depressed. That’s as far as I got.

Tonight I did another, no plans to go with it but did. I asked the same as before and got the same: female, child like, 21-25 yrs old, this time I asked if she was 21 yrs old-- no, 22 yrs old? yes. I went further and asked if she lived here and that was a no, she is from the cemetery literally a block from where I live. I asked if she wanted to move on and she said yes but then I asked if she would stop making noises and scaring me. Also a no. I did asked if she drew energy from the mess in my house and that was a yes. She would move on if I cleaned.

I ended it at that point. Now, I know this is just one time and it’s a pendulum but my gut says this was on the right track. Figured I would post to see what other thinks or maybe I’m just a nut, lol.

Thanks for getting this far


I would cleanse my house if it were me, and put black salt spell jars in one corner of each room, and then one on each windowsill. Just me. It’s a negative spirit that’s feeding of negative energy. I’ve attached a screenshot of another test you can do if you like. It’s one I do sometimes. When you cleanse, a tip I read from Eleanor Clemm Witchcraft for beginners is to very strongly tell it to Get Out. You can also use a bell. Here’s the screenshot for the glass test.

Take care. :sparkling_heart:


I would say that if most times your pendulum is correct & in your gut you feel the same… then yes.

If it were me, I’d physically clean the house the way you woukd like it to be cleaned. Then cleanse the whole house however you choose. Maybe even around the outside of the house.

I hope you can move through this & always do what is best for you & your family.


Not at all- I agree with what Susurrus said! When your divination tool and intuition are aligning, it is definitely worth taking action. In this case, it sounds like cleaning the house (or at the least the kitchen, which sounds like center of the mess- and the hearth/stove is often the heart of the home!) is a clear first step.

Tracy shared a great home cleansing spell- and I love the idea of using sound too! A bell, windchime, or even cleansing music played from YouTube are all great and pleasant ways to cleanse the energy in a space :wind_chime:

Wishing you all the best- good luck and blessed be!


I will be doing that either today or tomorrow-- the cup of water, vinager and salt.

I don’t sometimes I feel like I’m ‘crazy’ for saying what I do about spirits but I know what I’ve heard and felt in this house. So I am not surprised there is something and I have lived here long enough for it to influence me, since I wasn’t fully aware of it until the last for few months. My house literally started to fall about apart when I was home more during Covid.

I will start the clean today, so expect updates here to keep me accountable. Thanks for the help and all that and listening to me


I hope cleaning is able to allow this spirit to move on from your space. I’m with everyone else - if your pendulum is accurate most of the time, and you’re trusting your intuition, you’re on the right track!


I’ll look forward to hearing how it all works out- cheering for you, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene! Good luck with the cleaning! :broom::sparkles:


So I’m going into day 3 of deep cleaning the embarrassing mess of my kitchen.

First day, did a counter clock wise walk three times in the room with frakensense, banishing all negativity and depressed energies. Lit a tea light, spread out an obsidian, rainbow aura quartz and lapis lazuli crystal. Let the cone burn down. The 3 times clockwise with white sage to replace the negative with positive. Let that come burn down. Used healing music for about 30 mins and then set out all my black salt to absorb anything left.

Starting pulling up stuff. Wiping counters and washing floors with soap, with white vinegar and sea salt added to the water. And I feel like what is there is gone. I actually make progress. Before I would start but then that progress would be lost as quickly. I did a pendulum session and the pendulum sat still. Before, it moved very easily.


Hooray for progress! :clap: That’s so amazing - I’m proud of you! Often, starting is the hardest part. You did it, though, and you kept going! :tada:


You’re on a roll, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- congrats on the progress! :clap::tada:


That is so cool .


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene Fabulous. That’s good news. :partying_face::sparkling_heart: