Performed my first spell

Not sure if I did it wrong, if first spells may come with misfires of some sort? But I cast my first and second spells, back to back, both different cord cutting spells and immediately afterwards I didn’t feel right. Haven’t really felt “right” since.

By “right” I mean, I don’t mean anything about the Craft in ANY way. I mean specifically dealing with this individual and performing those spells. Like it was a struggle and not on my end. I want this tie clipped in the bud. I no longer have any kind of contact with this person and I have a restraining order against them. To my knowledge this person has moved onto other ambitions and has not bothered me in months. But I still feel a very negative energy tie to this person despite us no longer communicating . I will say that physically, I feel sick to my stomach since casting these spells, the emotionally uncomfortable kind of nausea. I started sobbing the next day after performing them, uncontrollably at times, just out of nowhere. Just would feel this rising pain in my chest go up into my throat and come out as sobs. I’m better that I have been, but is it possible to perform a cord cutting spell and the individual you’re trying to sever ties with doesn’t want to or hasn’t yet let go?

Any advice or points to the right direction would be great. I have company coming this weekend and we’re supposed to have a much needed girls weekend and I don’t need this hanging onto me.

Much appreciated and Blessed Be!




I felt quite strange after my first cord-cutting ritual too. I think that I had the connection for so long, that I felt empty like something was missing. The cords can often connect again and it has nothing to do with the spell being right. Anyway, this is what happened to me…

When the cords are cut and removed, it’s as if they leave a hole so you feel something is missing (nausea) The first thing you must do is to fill that space with something else… I like to use golden light, but you call upon a deity (God, Goddess, Sun, Divine, etc.) to help you.

Another thing I like to do is to fill myself with a white-reflective light, which surrounds me, all around, above, and below; and since it’s reflective, any negative energy is returned or repelled, allowing only good energy to enter.

I hope this helps you, here are a couple of links:


I read something the other day, not sure where, but take a lemon, cut a slit in it, write that persons name on a piece of paper and put it in the lemon. Put the lemon in the freezer and enjoy your girl’s weekend!


I understand what you’re going through. I thought I had completely severed ties with someone I was close to and am no longer in contact with, but I dreamt of him the other night and I feel as if I’ve taken a few steps back.
Cords can be thick, not to mention tight, and can be difficult, sometimes even painful, to cut away. Even then, they can still leave imprints.
The important thing to remember is spells take time to work. In my experience, you will have to do a cord cutting spell more than once, especially if your ties to that person were strong. Rest in between cord cutting spells and do some spiritual cleansing to rid yourself of any negative energies, such as taking a bath, diffusing essential oils, meditate, or carry crystals such as clear quartz, pink quartz, or amethyst.
As a final note, if you’re still feeling nausea or having uncontrollable bouts of sobbing, please don’t hesitate to go see a doctor.


I have to agree with @Kasandra on this one.

Whatever cord you are cutting may be more emotional in nature than you thought it was & now you are processing the emotions to be able to move forward. The cord could have been thicker or tighter than you realized.

I would also agree with @marsha as well that you should do some kind of spiritual cleanse.

@Ostara! I love that idea! Sounds perfect to me to get through the girl’s weekend as a boost to move forward with plans already set forth!


Magick isn’t an exact science. It isn’t to be bent to your will.
Be patient, it may not happen immediately, or in a week or two.
It may not happen at all. It isn’t necessarily your fault.
If you have followed the spell, and it didn’t ‘work’, maybe Goddess if saying ‘not now’ or ‘you aren’t ready’ or simply ‘no’.
Like any loving parent, she sometimes says no.
Does that mean forever? No.
Be patient and try, try, try again.
Sending you strength and perseverance.
Don’t be upset or discouraged, it happens to us all at one time or another.
Blessed be.