Pink tourmaline scrying

So, I was basically looking at a pink tourmaline palm stone with a uv like. I saw a lady drinkinh a nice cup of tea. I’ll share a photo but I had to use my writing and it may be sloppy :laughing:
Let me know if you could make out the person sippin’ tea. Oops…the red says cup.


I see it! The cup looks as big as her head, but I see something. That’s neat!


@christina4 :parrot: I see it absolutely :100: I had never thought of scrying with pink tourmaline! Although, I haven’t tried my hand at scrying yet either, so may have to look more into this & try it with some of my other palm stones! Thank you for sharing! Nice to see you also :people_hugging: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks like a person drinking from a large vase-like container to me. Like those old old ones they used to make wine in hundreds of years ago :wink:


Whoa, @christina4, that is awesome! :heart_eyes: It reminds me of scrying with obsidian, although this stone is much more colorful haha- your pink tourmaline is absolutely gorgeous! :gem::sparkles:

Thank you for the picture breaking it down as well- that was really neat to see. Do you think what you saw has any special meaning for you, or perhaps a message? :thinking: Perhaps it was a sign that it’s time for some wholesome self care and a nice warm cuppa! :coffee: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


I can definitely see it! That’s an interesting method of scrying :gem: I like it!


@amethyst it is a big cup lol but yeah its still a cup. Reminds me of that game Cuphead. Sorry my son and I have been sick and playing games while not sleeping

@Susurrus oh, you’ve got to try it. It just happened for me (my 1st time) while holding and looking at a clear quartz. Thats the easiest stone to scry with. :parrot:

@Sarafeena_Sage you know, you’re right. I can see that too. Thanks for the feedback!

@BryWisteria I do think it means that I have been drinking more tea. But in all of my nightmares, theres a lady that drinks tea (or coffee) and theres 2 kids with me (boy and a girl) that I need to protect. Every time.

@MeganB thank you! I didn’t intend to scry but to be amazed by the uv reactives. Interestingly I found a new form of divination!


Sorry to hear about the nightmares :people_hugging: :heart:

It is curious though- between reoccurring nightmares and the image appearing in your scrying crystal, perhaps something there could be worth looking into deeper? Could be time to bring out the cards/pendulum/divination crystals!

Wishing you all the best if you decide to pursue it further, Christina- lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


I hope y’all feel better soon!


Hahaha! I have chonks of clear quartz! Guess I have a plan for a new something to try this week or weekend! Thank you! :parrot:

I hope your son & you feel better. The games & not sleeping… that’s tough, I’ve been there before. I hope it eases soon & you both are back on your feet again soon! :people_hugging:


Thanks love! My son’s feeling a little better but the antibiotics arent working for me. What has helped is …I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Qi Gong before. I’ve been doing that for the past couple mornings and it helps! With lots of things!
I’ve been following the Holden (Lee Holden) Qi Gong on YouTube. He has free classes too.


I had no idea you can use pink tourmaline scrying!
Sending you prayers for your son Christina