Planetary Days and Hours for Ritual

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I’m wondering how many of us here in the community follow planetary days based off of the lunar calendar instead of what our western calendar is today?

I’m personally using Lunar, with the first new moon starting the week on a Saturday and so on.

I’m wondering, how many of you already do this and if so why and why not?

Here is some text for your own knowledge. It comes from a book I will review within the book club at the end of the month.

I find all this information very interesting. You can get apps on your phone to determine the planetary hour of the current day, but the current day in the app is from our current western calendar and not associated with the true astrological lunar calendar. So once you know the planetary hours, you have to also figure out the current true planetary day based on astrology.


I think its most important for powerful rituals.

I can tell you that I performed consecration of my chamber followed by a devotion to Ra. But this time when I went into my altered states, I had quite a funny moment, where a woman, either representing isis or hathor was in my visions sticking her rude finger up at me, as if I hadn’t considered her in that particular ritual.

It wasn’t an angry vision. She was laughing, like, “I don’t give a f***”, to me and walking away all sassy like. And my walls which seem to work well for my scrying became see-through, curtains opening, and again I saw this woman, beautiful in what appeared to be ancient Egypt. The same images though, a funny, symbolic f you to my face.

I apologised, for I don’t yet know enough about all the Egyptian gods and goddesses I wish to work with and wish to learn from them all and learn their stories direct.

Interesting. Anyway, I’ll review the book later. What’s your thoughts on the true planetary days for rituals?



I believe that spells and rituals are best followed by the planetary days and hours. Also for the planetary days, there’s a couple days before and after (say, for the full moon) that still hold the energy for that desired spell. If it’s not directly on that exact time, it’s ok. That’s what I believe. But there are true diehard witches that do spells exactly on the timeline


I honestly haven’t come across planetary days/hours very much that I know of consciously. My interest has been piqued though that’s for sure. So I think I am going to look into this.

While I believe there is a timing element to rituals & spells, I don’t have the option of doing them necessarily when those times are throughout the days. So I have designated times each day (usually not the same days & it’s a different time of day & different length of time). That being said, I have been tweaking my space & how I do things & which parts I want to use in rituals & spells.

I will let you know if I find anything else of interest & I look forward to your book review! :infinite_roots:


I’m back :hugs:

I went on a search & did some reading, I think, (as much as I am able) I’m going to plan certain things around the Planetary Days & Hours. I found a couple of charts & information on how to use them and/or calculate them.

Astological Days of the Week Chart

Astrological Planetary Hours Chart

Llewellyn: Planetary Hours: The Method & Magick for Quick Timing Decisions

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I personally don’t use them too often in my practice. The one I definitely do is Thursdays for working my money altar. Thursday is associated with wealth and prosperity and corresponds with Jupiter! That’s about it, though.


Yep and my other comment in there is about the current calendar not fitting into ancient calendar.

The start of the month was actually on a new moon and started on a Saturday. So day one was saturn day, followed by sun day and the 3rd day of the month moon day which changes the way you look at rituals all over again, as ancient astrologers had intended.

Saturday on the first of the month was when the earth moon and sun were aligned perfectly, which is significant.

Here is one web page I found beyond the photos I shared above: