Planetary Times App

Hello all!
I just discovered the Planetary Times app and am extremely pleased with it, so I wanted to share it. Please share any and all interesting apps you have as well!

Planetary Times: Astrology - Apps on Google Play

Also, I was very surprised not to find an app for magickal uses of herbs. If you know if one, please share. Thanks!


Thank you for the recommendation! :star_struck: I think I’ll have a peak at this one!

I haven’t come across any herb :herb: apps, but I also haven’t looked to deep for one either. Maybe someone has more information regarding that for you :thinking: I’ll be interested to see if there is one! :hugs:


I use this app when working with the planets. Its very useful.

In terms of herbs apps. Try:

Herbalist grimoire

Blessed be



Thanks for sharing :purple_heart::relieved:
It’s not easy trying to find good apps! :relaxed: I love getting new recommendations


I found this one medicinal plants and uses on the google app market!
It has all types of images and info on many different plants! Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


@J-me1977 oh! That’s great! I was able to put it on my phone next to my plant identifier app INaturalist… it has helped me when I find different plants in my yard or on walks.

@Wysteria_Norn I’m so sorry that it didn’t even dawn on me to mention it because usually I don’t use it until we start working in the yard… but when you do identify a plant (you take a picture & it shows you matches)… You can click on more information & it will bring up different things about it & sometimes, not all the time… it will come up with medicinal or other uses.

It will give the scientific name(s), normal localities, poisonous information, & the types or species it is or it is related to…

One of the plants I found in my backyard that to me was New near an area that we had our dog’s leads & I thought it was pretty too… I wanted to check out because they would be dogs & curious & dig near it… I found out was actually a poisonous :skull_and_crossbones: plant & we have no idea where it came from or how it started growing in our yard!