Poem named as Kindness by: Margaret

Good morning/afternoon/evening and welcome to all readers, this is the 7th Poem I will post in the website for the general section, just as the title states it is about kindness or benevolence, there’s already an 8th one named “Friendship” as someone in social media asked me nicely to write a poem about friendship,
Enjoy and Blessed Be, Margaret :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Note: This one was written long before the Finals exams and is saved in my computer, I just had to edit one phrase before I found it acceptable already

by: Margaret

A virtue overshadowed
For a world of disarray
Yet gives hope to everyone

The light in darkness
An act not forgotten
In the folds of time

It’s not necessarily good
May manifest as deception
In play of word

Thy’ll tell in time
Its not always weak
A giver of resilience

Discern and thy’ll see
Kindness is a strength
For it’s receiver


This is so beautifully worded. Nicely done @anne2 and thank you for sharing your work with us!


You’re welcome and thank you @sarah29 , I still am working in writing poems too, should I find that I would need something to keep my mind working I would actually find myself either writing one or drawing or even watching an anime called Haikyuu under the sports genre, this time it’s about volleyball. I’m now left though wondering what the 9th poem’s theme will be, no use thinking too much about it for me :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:, it all just comes out on its own when my brain’s left to its freedom and creativity in figuring out what to write in it

Note: For any viewers who may have watched and finished Haikyuu already please do not spoil me in it’s ending for all seasons, I haven’t finished Haikyuu season 1 yet, I’m in it’s 24th episode already


I really like that phrase. You’re doing so well with your poetry, thanks for sharing!


Your talent for poetry just keeps growing :heart_eyes: another beautifully worded poem thank you for sharing it with us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @Liisa and @Amethyst , I’ll have to use a different name now however should I write and publish the second section involving the different deities (I’ll be using the same pen name as the one used in the drawings I’d made for the deities, it’s not the original ones or same sketch from ancient times but a Reconstructionist with Eclectic paths can make do with it)… I only learned last night about how excommunication in the radical side of Christianity and Catholic Church works. If it were just myself inflicted with said consequence as a Pagan, I’d handle it somehow however I know if my relatives who may believe in radical Christianity and Catholic Church and congregation teachings are threatened with the same consequence for myself having different beliefs and spirituality to them, it really may be safer if I do leave my home country for their sake

The knowledge sort of scared myself last night but there’s something way worse that I fear than the threat of excommunication and it is the repeat of being potentially abused by anyone I know all over again. Regardless of whether the abuser/s are related to me or not I would not want to endure what would seem as the same hell I escaped from thanks to whichever deity it was who likely killed the first abusive instigator, someone was going to end up paying for everything they put me through, when I looked back at it now, Fate decided for me which verdict to give him not myself which is why I tell myself to never ever mess with Karma itself

Blessed Be,


Very good poem, yay again!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::sparkles:


Thank you @christina4


Thank you for sharing! :heart:


You’re welcome @Siofra