Positivity Spells

Are there any easy positivity spells for yourself/ for someone else?


I found some spells here, I’m not sure what kind of positivity you are looking for, hopefully, some of these will help you! :heart:


There are a few different positivity spells around here on Spells8. Siofra linked some of them but I’ll add a few more here.

It would be helpful to know what type of positivity you’re looking for. If it’s just general positivity, the ones above could be helpful. I’d also encourage journaling and meditation to see if you can get to the root cause of a lack of positivity. Sometimes we just need to analyze what’s going on and invite that positivity in while dealing with whatever is getting us down.


Miss PinkRose, there are so many positive spells on this site, start with how to cast a spell for beginners and that should take you to downloadable spell.
Good luck Garnet


Try a self love meditation too -

or this one - A simple little love charm. Give it a try for self-love, to bring in new love, or to strengthen a love that already exists!