Possible Reasons for an Increase in Crystal Popularity

So, I was on my phone & had to go to my Google home screen there for… I don’t remember what exactly because this article under the search bar caught my eye:

I have recently obtained my Certification in Crystal Healing, I know we have others with the same or higher certifications that use crystals in their modalities. I know what my beliefs are, but I thought this could be a good discussion among the forum as just that, a discussion. There are some interesting points in the article regarding crystals & their rise in popularity with some background information on them.


Im delving more into Crystals this quarter as one of my goals, so I am very interested in this, I am going to read this during Chemo tomorrow! Thank you @Siofra_Strega! :purple_heart:


You are very welcome, I hope it helps you pass the time & invokes some thoughts & ideas for you to share!

It’s really an open discussion because everyone is going to feel a different way about the article & the information presented. I’m looking forward to what you think about it! I hope things go well for you today!


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