Possibly the most unhealthy dessert you can imagine 🤭

While looking for upcoming events for this week’s Merry Meet Monday post, I found out that this Wednesday, October 7th is Frappe Day!

Well, funny enough- I celebrated frappe day a bit early with this absolute monstrosity at a cafe in Warsaw!

Check out this bad boy:

A strawberry frappe with buttercream crunch frosting, a donut, whipped cream, strawberry sauce, gummy candies, cotton candy, and marshmallows :candy::strawberry:

Let me tell you- it is just as delicious (and ridiculously sugary!) as it looks :drooling_face:

Maybe I’m thinking of unicorns from @christina4’s post about finding Your Unicorn Name, but I feel like if a unicorn could make a frappe- this would be it! :unicorn::ice_cream::laughing:

Happy frappe day to all!


:joy::joy::joy: that’s hilarious! I may need to make something like this at some point :joy:


More unicorns! :rainbow::unicorn: That actually looks like it’ll be the death of me if I finished that. It looks so good tho! :yum:


Gads, my blood sugar went up looking at it! Hee! But it looks so yummy, part of me is envious. And that does look like something a unicorn would make! :unicorn:


Only a unicorn could think of something as magnificent as this! It truly looks like the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster of desserts! :unicorn: :rofl: :ice_cream:


I want one right now!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I didn’t know Frappe day was a thing. My sister is going to freak out when she finds out!


Hahaha it really should have come with a sugar warning! :laughing: I was riding a sugary high for the rest of the day- honestly surprised I didn’t dream of cotton candy clouds in marshmallow unicorn land :joy::candy::unicorn:

I plan to (attempt to, lol) eat a nice and healthy diet for the rest of the week to make up for the Freak Shake shenanigans… but wishing a very happy and sweet frappe day to anyone celebrating tomorrow! :ice_cream::yum: