Merry Meet Monday! October 5 💕

Happy October and a very Merry Meet Monday to all! :two_hearts:

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

~Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon~

With the passing of last week’s Full Harvest Moon, we move into the next moon phase. This Friday, October 9th we will be blessed with the light of the Last Quarter Moon :last_quarter_moon:

To find the exact time of moon phases for your location, I recommend the Moon Phase Calendar from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The last quarter moon is a time of rest and the banishment of negative energies or forces in your life.


For more information about Moon Magick and specific spells recommended for the last quarter moon, visit the guide Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase: Last Quarter :last_quarter_moon:

~Birthday of Alesiter Crowley~

Called the Wickest Man in the World, Aleister Crowley was an occultist who wrote several influential works for pagan and witch practitioners. His birthday will be celebrated next Monday, October 12th :birthday:

More can read about this interesting and sometimes controversial historical figure on Learn Religions: Alesiter Crowley.

To honor this day, consider doing some coffee magick with the Aleister Crowley Coffee Consecration or Crowley’s Pan Devotional Hymn.


~Other Events of Interest~

Some other non-witchy but interesting (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week include:

Ongoing Challenge :trophy:

Double, double, toil and trouble bring out your cauldron, mortar, and pestle (and perhaps wine glass too!) and whip up a potion for this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge- Potion Making!

Like witches, positions come in every shape, style, and purpose you can imagine- put your creativity to the test and try your hand at potion-making! There are guides and suggested recipes to help you get started :alembic:

:exclamation: The challenge will remain open until tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6th at 7:00AM CET . After this time a Props and Presents Post will appear with recognition and gifts for all entries! :gift_heart:

For challenge enthusiasts, a new challenge is announced every Wednesday :mega:

New Members :wave:

A very warm welcome and merry meet to all of the new users who have joined the forums over the past seven days!

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We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :hugs:

Special Shout-Outs :mega:

  • @kasie is back on a three-week streak for giving the most likes and writing the most posts over the past week :heart::writing_hand: Brawo, Kasie! Thank you sharing both your warmth and your writing talents- the forums are so lucky to have you :blush:

And to the Spells8 forum family- a big thank you to you too! Your contributions and love help to make this a welcoming and supportive place for solitary witches all around the world- you’re amazing :heart:

Something wicked coming your way this week? :thinking: Any plans in preparation for the holidays later this month? :jack_o_lantern: How are you feeling about the week ahead? :sparkles:

If you anything on your mind, feel free to share your plans and thoughts for the week ahead in the comments below.

May you find warmth within both your heart and your magick as the season changes ever onwards

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I am getting back to me. I’m starting today. While Peanut is in school, I will be doing my thing. I need to get back to it. Things made so much more sense that way. I have to wait for a call about my next surgery, Friday I am going to spend the night at a friend’s house to get away for a bit. Reset if you will. I haven’t decided anything about the end of the month. I completely forgot about the first full moon, so I’m a little behind. I’m playing catch up at my own pace though.


Can I :musical_note: cry if I want to :notes: ? OMG, I just dated myself. :rofl:

Thank you, @TheTravelWitch, for the reminder about the last quarter moon. I have been struggling with rest since the full moon and this will be the perfect time to find the rest I need.

Last night we were at a somber but beautiful event to honor the missing children in our county. It is amazing what candles and community can do to help people who are in so much pain. Lots of crying but also lots of love and awareness last night and it was totally worth it.

I have lots of appointments this week - most of them for me as I recover but there’s also a routine check-up for my cat. The only other thing on tap for me is an outdoor :rainbow_flag: Pride Drag Show :rainbow_flag: my friends and I are going to at an orchard.


Wow. Thanks so much! I don’t mean to be such a big mouth, I just am naturally! LOL. Not doing much besides going to the store and taking the cat to the vet for me this week. That’ll be fun, Max HATES going for a ride. Then again I don’t think I’d like to be shoved in a little box with holes and taken somewhere outside of my comfort zone either. Poor thing. It’s gonna be stressful for both of us.


This is a great plan, Krissie- you do you! It is so important to go at your own pace and take things one at a time when they pile up. You have so much on your plate right now and are doing a heroic job handling it all- well done! :hugs: The moon phases are a constant- no worries if you miss them, because there is always another coming soon! :full_moon: Good luck and know that we are here if you need to chat or could use a boost of encouragement! Be well :heart:

Thank goodness someone else made the connection- omg I had this song in my head all day yesterday after learning about It’s My Party Day :joy::+1:

It sounds like you are involved in many wonderful and meaningful community activities, Benjamin! And a busy week ahead for you too- wishing good health and successful appointments to both you and your furry friend :black_cat:. A drag show at an orchard sounds AMAZING- a fun and supportive event with tasty apples for all! :rainbow: :apple: Do you think you and your friends will dress up, or just enjoy the festivities? Either way I hope you all have a blast! :rainbow_flag::raised_hands:

You are very welcome- you post so much great content, it is always a pleasure to read your writing, Kasie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck at the store- hopefully you don’t need any heavy items this week! :shopping: And ahhh I understand- I don’t think I’d enjoy being in the travel box either. Hopefully Max knows it is for his own good health and I’m sure he feels reassured having you close with him! Good luck to you and to your kitty! :cat2::two_hearts:


If we can both get there without being too traumatized and without any bloodshed, I’ll consider it a good day. LOL. Thankfully he’s very good for the vet, but getting him in his box is a terrible chore. Thanks for the luck, we’ll need it!


Can you maybe lure him in with kitty treats somehow? :thinking: I understand why Max doesn’t want to go, but it’s also a little ironic- usually cats are all about getting into boxes! :joy_cat::package:


Good luck to you and Max! May it be a peaceful and easy vet visit so you can both get home and relax :relaxed:


I am really working on making sure that I journal each day, as it is I have already missed at least one day of that, it’s a slow process but I am getting there. I have some things to do today, I have to call my surgeon’s office to see when I am going to hear from the surgery coordinator. This is killing me not knowing when my surgery is going to be, I just know that I can’t do a whole lot for a month afterward. No driving, walking, I can sit and lay down basically and use crutches to go places if I need to move. Hopefully with the kids home it will be easier.


He’s a bit too big for boxes and has never really been interested in them or paper bags or things of that sort. He’s seventeen pounds and I think he’s claustrophobic. Poor dear. But he needs his shots so he’s got to go. Thanks for the good luck, I think we’ll need it!


Oh bless his cotton socks :heart:
I wish I could offer some good advice but my two are awful at getting into their carry boxes - despite their love of normal boxes :joy:
I hope he isn’t huffy with you for too long afterwards- mine tend to give me the silent treatment after a vet visit :sweat_smile:


He usually forgets it as soon as he’s home so that’s good. The lady who is taking me to the vet uses a rolling walker with a seat in it. A friend is going to bring it into me so we can roll him in and out. And the vet will be taking him in and out so hopefully it won’t be so hard on him. We’ll see. Thanks for the encouragement hon!


Awww your kitty sounds like a sweetheart, @kasie- and that’s wonderful that so many people come together to help you get him get to the vet safe and sound! :cat2: Wishing him all the best with his shots- you can do it, Max! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


Thanks so much hon! He’ll get through it and so will I. I just have a nervous nature. LOL. He is a sweetheart, cuddles up to me at night. He’s so smart he moves automatically when I say the phrase I’ve got to pee. HEE! That’s smart.


Hahaha wow! :joy_cat: That is a very important and useful trick- he is one smart kitty! :grin:


He ignores me most of the time, but moves when it’s important so I can’t complain too much! LOL. :cat2:


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: My dog knows the same phrase!


My vet says the kitty is healthy. Stevie is 1.5 years old and the love of my life. (besides my wife :rofl:)

My doctors say I’ll only be on meds for another month or so. My body is healing, thankfully. I have been eating too many comfort foods and my LDL went up (high for the first time) so no more comfort foods for me. :sweat_smile: I might be able to go back to work at the end of the month. We’ll see. Overall, I am so thankful to the Lord and the Lady for this week and I still have one more night to celebrate it.


It’s really shows how smart animals are. They know when to move. LOL.

I’m so glad things are looking better for you and that you might get to work soon. It must be a relief. I’m so glad to have you here.


OK can someone please teach my Yvie cat that when I say ‘excuse me please… excuse me please… MOVE your chonky ass’ I don’t mean ‘just lie there watching me so I have to climb over you’ :joy:


Aww, how cute! Look at that tummy! Maybe you have to say “I’ve got to pee”. Maybe that’s a magical phrase that gets pets to move. LOL.