Post Trauma Healing

A little spell to help aid you on the journey of healing.

Remember: Never hesitate to get professional help in order to move through past traumas. Don’t feel you need to handle it on your own!

No amount of magical practice is a substitute for proper medical care. If you believe you have a serious health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider.

(っ◔◡◔)っ :heart: I am ethically required to say that magick does not guarantee results. :heart:


Thank you. :sob: I have spoken some on here and a bunch on Facebook about the trauma I faced from a relationship and the trauma I put myself through after it. While I am getting better, there are still some days where I feel like all the progress was lost and I am starting from scratch.

I have three health care professionals helping me and a strong network of friends. I use meditation and candle magic to help me focus on the here and now - not the past or possible futures. I will be adding your candle recipe to the mix. :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart: Thank you.


You are welcome. I hope you find some relief and comfort from it.


As someone who has had to process my own PTSD. Welcome to the journey.

PTSD is becoming more common - not just from our returning veterans, but the general population has been suffering as well. THANK YOU @SilverBear This is a cathartic way to begin. It is valuable to separate your trauma from who you were before, or who you wish to be when you are no longer burdened by its effects.
Images of breaking the cycle of thoughts is important, think of PTSD as chains, or restraints, or a wall to be pushed through. If visualization is difficult find pictures you can look at and focus on. Infuse them with your meaning -write label on the elements of the image. Tear away the negative -throw them away or burn them.

Visualize encapsulating the trauma into a box or container and floating it away from you - on a boat or a rocket - sending the memories far away. Actively giving them distance and ultimately less power.
I like the ritual and the physical burning the memories on the black candles, that creates a NEW concrete image of separation.

Trauma as guilt - forgive yourself. Find a way to heal what you believe as failure. We are not superhuman we are just human. Find a way back to doing more in the present. The only place we have life is in the moment. Be in the moment.

Depression is often co-morbid with PTSD. I felt stuck, helpless, hopeless.
Dealing with depression… get up… move… do something physical… climb stairs, weed the garden, take a walk, vacuum the floor…any thing that requires focus and movement. (My creativity is my sanity)
Take up a hobby, knit or crochet, tie flies, word puzzles, coloring, etc.
NOTE: Meditation may be difficult if you are suffering looping thoughts. Be gentle with yourself. Keeping a journal is good if you use it for positive focus - challenge yourself to focus on one positive thought a day… even if it is simply “I am still here”
One step, one day, one week at a time.

Find help…


Reading the posts of @praecog29 and @berta, their words are so powerful :pray:

Sending big hugs and endless love to those in the healing process- no matter the stage you are currently in. It is a long journey that builds self-empathy and understanding, and content like @Silverbear’s lovely spellwork really seem to be a guiding light in the right direction.

Thank you so much for another gorgeous video, Silverbear! :heart_decoration:


I have ptsd as well. I’ve found meditation to be extremely helpful. Magic has helped me focus on the good and being on this path gives me hope. I may not be on here as much as I used to but I cherish everyone here! You all are supportive, friendly, caring and loaded with information. So, thank you @SilverBear your posts have helped me, I appreciate you sharing your magical info with us!! :heart:


Thank you everyone. I just said something the other day on my Facebook post… “We are all in the same game, we are just at different levels, dealing with the same nightmares, just dealing with different monsters.”


Oh I love this saying!


Beautifully written :heart::blush:


So true!!! Thanks @SilverBear


@SilverBear , this a great spell. Thank you for posting it!

Blessed be